Acidity & Alkalinity Explained – For Human Health

Acidity & Alkalinity Can Determine the Condition of the Human Body

Acidity and alkalinity must be balanced for proper health - acid rain harms forests, and excesss body acidity harms health

Acid rain is bad for the planet; excessive acidity is most harmful to the body.

The human body depends on a proper biochemical balance for health. Key to our health is a balance between body acidity and alkalinity. Acidity and alkalinity has a profound impact on physical health. Many different kinds of acids influence the body, being produced as waste and existing as essential nutrients and digestive juices.

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Kidney Health Part 1: Learn About Your Filters & Regulators

Just what do the Kidneys Do, and How Can you Take Care of them?

Concerened About Kidney Health? Learn natural approaches with Island Healthworks

The Kidneys Filter Your Body Fluids & Regulate Biochemical Parameters

The Kidneys are vital organs that maintain a number of body system parameters as regulators of chemical and physiological conditions in the organs, tissues and bloodstream. Your kidneys maintain urinary system functions and also provide homeostatic regulation which affects electrolytes, acid/alkaline balance, and blood pressure.

These functions are controlled by salt and water balance regulation. The Kidneys filter blood and remove waste before producing urine and reabsorbing water, glucose and amino acids. Kidneys also produce amino acids needed by other body systems.

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