Secrets of Biological Beauty Building

Unexpected Nutrition Tips for Naturally Superior Beauty

The skin is our largest organ, known as the integumentary system. Here described by Island Healthworks, Yvonne Dollard Perc

The Complex Layers of the Human Skin – Our Integumentary System.

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Beauty is both a hot topic in the modern world and a concern of human beings since ancient times. However, beauty is not only an aesthetic concern; it is important to our self image and also, a strong indicator of our physical health, mental well being and biochemical condition. Beauty is not superficial, and neither should our approach to beauty be anything less than serious and biologically correct.

It is no surprise that truly natural approaches to beauty which nutrify the body are revolutionary. With respect to skin health, nourishing the body from within with natural chemical compounds arising from nutritional extracts and precise dietary components, rather than slathering artificial compounds on our skin are key. And this approach is not biologically correct. The saying “Beauty is only skin deep” is a grand lie, biologically speaking, but we act like it is true when it comes to cosmetic focused health care.

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Curcumin: Discover The Power of Tumeric Herb

Tumeric Contains Curcumin, a Natural Antioxidant & Antinflammatory

Tumeric – Raratna Rajaiah Photo – December 27, 2009

Tumeric is Colored by Curcumin, Which Has Many Benefits to Cellular Health

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation are two of the leading dis-ease causing stressors affecting the human body. Oxidative stress leads to cellular damage and increased stress on body systems, with impacts on day to day health as well as long term wellness and longevity. Inflammation is an underlying contributor to most medical problems, involved in cancer, heart disease, arthritis and even diabetes. Fortunately, healthy living and the right herbs can help reverse or limit many of the causes and potential effects of oxidation and inflammation. Tumeric Herb, traditionally used in Ayervedic medicine contains intensely colored curcuminoid pigments that serve as the primary active ingredients in the spicy herb. Extracted from the Tumeric Rhizome, curcuminoids term used to refer to the major active constituents of tumeric root.

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