Nutrition & Detox Supports Balanced Biochemistry

Biochemistry Determines Cellular Health. Learn more about Nutrition & Detox with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks features biochemical roots of health at cellular, tissue & organ levels. Learn the basics of nutrition & detoxification.
Proper organ function starts at the cellular level. Macronutrients & micronutrients from a healthy diet must be available to each cell.

What does biochemistry mean for wellness?

Biochemistry is a big part of integrative health care! Our bodies are made up of water, minerals and many organic compounds that form our cells, tisues and organs while controlling the function of our body systems. Keeping our body’s chemistry in balance by limiting exposure to toxins and ensuring nutrient availability and absorption is essential. This is also achievable to a greater degree than we might expect.

The biochemistry of the human body is based upon the activity of countless chemicals including amino acids, proteins, catalyzing agents such as enzymes, sugars, ketones, major nutrient minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Core biochemical processes in the human body affect all of our organ systems and body fluids, affecting everything from skin health, energy levels and blood sugar levels to cardiovascular health and brain function. An imbalance in any nutrient level or a toxic exposure can cause a chain reaction that affects multiple body systems.

Integrative health care looks closely at biochemical imbalances, interruptions in metabolic processes, deficiencies, and toxicity in the human body in the interests of improving our health. Understanding several essential factors at even a layman’s level offers us a significant advantage in making proactive health care choices. Island Healthworks now features 6 key principles of environmental and dietary health and wellness in light of nutrition, detox and biochemical function.

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Skin Care Done Right Maintains Timeless Beauty and Returns Youthful Energy!

A newly available skin health program brings revitalization through advanced nutritional support!

These Before and After the Use of A New Revitalizing Skin Serum

Before and After Pictures Highlight the Potential of a New Revitalizing Skin Serum

Skin care done properly is essential if you want to look and feel your best.  Affected by multiple health factors, skin care and rejuvenation is a booming aspect of the health industry. The skin is a living and breathing organ that should be looked after daily.

Yvonne Dollard Perc of Island Healthworks would like to invite you to come in and try our new revitalizing skin programme! Our custom skin health approach consists of a 1 hour facial pressure relief session, application of a kelp mask and application of the skin rejuvenation serum.

The newly developed serum now offered by Island Healthworks contains a unique proprietary combination of scientifically formulated natural ingredients that address multiple elements of skin health in an unmatched manner. Integrative, synergistic approaches allow multiple benefits to occur at the same time.

Island Healthworks sources a newly developed serum to promote skin health

Before Serum Use (Left) and After 3 Weeks (Right)


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Brain Function & Nutrition Explained with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks Looks at Connections Between Brain Function & Nutrition

Learn about Mental Health, Brain Function & Nutrition - With Island Healthworks

Brain Health Requires Proper Nutritional Support

The brain is just an organ, but it is a complex system. Brain function is tied to the rest of the nervous system and the endocrine system, bringing a requirement for lifestyle management and nutritional support.

Proper brain function is related to proper nutrition and nutrient assimilation by the body.  Different food groups are associated with different organic and inorganic nutrient types, enzymes and cofactors. The right biochemical fuel runs the brain and influences physiology and psychology!

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Eyestrain – The Invisible Overuse Injury

Health Nuggets: Eyestrain involves overuse of the eye muscles – learn more with Island Healthworks

Eyestrain can be reduced by limiting repetitive overuse

Eyestrain can be reduced by limiting repetitive overuse

We may call an unattractive structure an “eyesore”, but pain and stress affects the eyes in a number of very real ways made worse by the pressures of modern life.

Increasing use of computers, reading small print from a variety of sources and failure to get out in nature or relax affects the eyes in a number of ways. Like all parts of the body, overuse or excessive repetition can be harmful due to undue additional strain.

The muscles that affect how the eyes focus are put to work when we look at objects or words closely or at a distance. Humans are built for a diversity of experiences, and too much of one thing is never good. Eyestrain in different forms may result when we continually focus on close up distances, read for too long, or expose ourselves to overly dim or overly bright light, often in combination with these activities. Wildlife researchers can experience eyestrain from the use of optical equipment, as could a photographer.

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New Year’s Health Resolutions That Work!

Why Do Weight Loss and Lifestyle Programs Fail?

Discover the secrets of succesful health plannning

You can set effective & actionable health goals for 2015!

At Island Healthworks we wish you a Happy New Year and lots of success and discovery in 2015! We are pleased to be able to take  the opportunity to answer some of the leading questions relevant to health related New Year’s resolutions as our contribution to your year.

Looking and feeling the best they can is what most people want. But to take the right action to achieve that is another matter.

Of all the New Year’s resolutions we make one can make, health and lifestyle are at the top of the list for most people.

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Anxiety, The Stress Response & Your Health

Island health Works Discusses Natural Approaches for Reducing Anxiety

Island Healthworks discusses natural approaches to Anxiety

Quality Time in Nature May Reduce Anxiety Levels.

Anxiety is an increasing problem in our modern society. Humans are programmed to respond to stress in our environment through a variety of biochemical and psychological processes. A number of physical complaints may result from the physical effects of anxiety in the long termHowever, an increasing rate of health challenges associated with rising environmental stressors and limits on our ability to deal with stress is leading to what some sources have called the anxiety epidemic.

Anxiety  includes  physical and emotional symptoms of stress that may manifest as an increased heart rate, racing thoughts,  an inability to focus  or a general feeling of fear or intense stress. Anxiety  has its roots in our way of  protecting ourselves  from perceived danger.  However, an overly sensitive stress response  does us no service and may lead to the introduction  of toxic body chemicals including cortisol into the bloodstream with a variety of negative health effects.

Anxiety may have environmental causes that create stress as a direct response to our conditions. However, biochemical imbalances may also lead to anxiety that is a false alarm triggering stress responses and chemical releases that lead to further anxiety symptoms. A number of physical complaints may result from the physical effects of anxiety in the long term. Excessive intake of legal stimulants including caffeine may heighten anxiety, while alcohol use may induce temporary relaxation at the expense of longer term peace as a result of toxicity and nutrient depletion. Proper water intake boosts nutrient delivery and toxin removal, while regular exercise flushes the body systems and cells and disperses tension.

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Chamomile And Other Calming Herbs – The Facts

Chamomile, Passion Flower and Hops: Herbs that Offer Natural Ways to Relax and De-Stress


Chamomile is widely used as a popular relaxing herb in teas and mixed stress formulations.

Stress in the environment or internal stress is a human response that sets off a cascade of chemical reactions. Many of these chemicals directly affect neurological health and physical health alike, leading to further stress complaints and further symptoms down the road.

Mindfulness, or living in the moment is often promoted for stress reduction. However, pursuing the right kind of moments in your life, such as taking some time in nature goes even further. In handling stress, many individuals may resort to stress medications, many of which are known to have side effects.

Potentially relaxing herbal preparations are another approach that many individuals may select as part of a more natural approach to stress reduction.

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Brain Function, Nutrition & Your Diet – Must Know Tips from Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks Looks at Connections Between Brain Function & Nutrition

Learn about Mental Health, Brain Function & Nutrition - With Island Healthworks

Brain Health Requires Proper Nutritional Support

The Brain is an organ like many other body components. The complexity of this organ and the interconnection of the brain with other elements of the nervous system and the endocrine system requires extensive nutritional support to maintain proper brain function.warming and cooling neutransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are synthesized in the body from amino acid based proteins.

The structure of the brain includes intricately connected sets of electrical circuits, neurotransmitters, chemical pathways and insulating fatty compounds. Different parts of the brain control distinct but interconnected body functions at conscious and unconscious levels.

In turn, proper brain function is related to a proper combination of organic and inorganic nutrients. Different food groups are associated with different nutrient types. Electrical current transmission and information distribution in the brain and neurotransmitter responses depends on proper amino acid levels and mineral cofactors.

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Cancer & The Human Environment – Island Healthworks May 2014 Cancer Series Part 1!

 Cancer, Cellular Health & The Human Environment

Learn about Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention with Island Healthworks

Environmental Conditions Are a Key Factor in Cancer Prevention.

On the heels of Cancer Month, Island Healthworks is running a cancer prevention through cellular health education month!

  • This environmental health article address the connection between cancer, cellular health and ecology!
  • Our next two cancer and cellular health articles will explore physiology and diet.

Our goal at Island Healthworks is to leave public readers armed with a privileged degree of integrated knowledge in this highly important area of human health and wellness.

Cancer in its many forms is a notorious and growing threat to human health, wellness and longevity. Cancer is a disease at the cellular level with important biochemical and immune system components.

Growing levels of toxic exposures from environmental, dietary and chronic psychological stress factors constitute a threat to our health. Insufficient clean air, nutrients and regenerating time in nature are challenges facing those in urban or industrial environments.

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Blood Pressure Herbs

 Blood Pressure is Affected by Several Health Parameters

Island Healthworks Discusses Natural Approaches to Managing Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is Affected by the Condition of the Blood & Circulatory System

Blood pressure is intimately linked to the quality of the blood, multiple physiological factors and the condition of the blood vessels that fluids travel through. Physical predispositions may lead to blood pressure challenges, while body chemistry and even emotions or nervous system conditions may influence related conditions. Blood pressure, like many body parameters such as blood sugar or acidity or alkalinity must be kept in balance to limit strain on the body systems. Healthy blood pressure levels vary between people according to body type, but overly high levels may stress the cardiovascular system. Certain herbs may add to sufficient water intake, proper time for relaxation and positive thinking as you seek to address blood pressure concerns. The condition of the pipes, the blood and the overall body system is of key consideration.

Combinations of Oleus forskohlii herb, olive leaf, golden rod extract, hawthorn extract and the amino acid arginine together with Vitamin E and Grape Seed derived antioxidants may be recommended to inhibit cell damage while strengthening blood vessels and proper circulation. Proper flow through the peripheral arteries in the hands and feet may be improved, enhancing nutrient delivery and temperatures. Viscosity of the blood is an important parameter that may benefit from these herbs. Always seek medical attention in case of blood pressure concerns, and avoid using these herbal products while pregnant or breast feeding. Island Healthworks recommends the use of Quality Controlled herbs and supplements.

Learn More About Blood Pressure Herbs…