Fiber First!

Dietary Roughage Prevents a Rough Time in the Bathroom

Dietary roughage is essential for effective digestive tract function. Island Healthworks discusses whole food dietary componants for healthy digestive tract function.

Whole foods like the green vegetables, root vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and legumes pictured deliver fiber and nutrients, supporting healthy digestive tract function.
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Humans evolved to eat whole foods. Attempted reliance upon refined foods robs us of essential fiber and nutrients in our diet, while taking up space in our bodies and wasting valuable digestive resources. Whole foods, in contrast provide valuable fibre that assists in their digestion, while being equipped with vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid bearing components that ensure they are not just taking up space in our body, but giving us the nutrition we require.

Roughage is needed to maintain momentum in our gastrointestinal tract. Some of the most popular processed foods are challenging for the digestive system to eliminate and may clog our digestive tract, slowing down digestion due to a lack of roughage. Then, the food may decompose due to the length of time taken to pass through our intestines. This same clogging effect may occur with any food when we lack adequate fiber intake in our regular diet. Furthermore, many processed foods have been stripped of essential nutrients through refinement and simply take space without providing the nutrients that whole foods contain.

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The Gut Brain Connection & Digestion Explained

Digestion and gut health affect brain function through nutrient distribution and toxic metabolism

Special feature with scientific article links! Learn how the gut and brain are interconnected through nerves, friendly bacteria, digestion, nutrition and waste metabolism!

Digestive Health affects brain function - Island Healthworks

Digestion offers a prime example of how our body systems interconnect

The human body is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and glands that work together in harmony to carry out a vast range of essential functions. Our interconnected functions illustrate the foremost importance of an integrative view and approach to health.

The digestive system processes food into two necessary components, one vital for our health and the other requiring effective elimination. These are nutrients, and waste. Optimal digestive function first and foremost extracts as many nutrients as possible from our food. Optimal digestive function then prepares waste for elimination and then removes the waste. Finally, optimal digestion depends on both the health of the Digestive System, and what is put into this magnificent system. We must keep in mind the level of interconnection between the digestive system and other body systems.

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Cat’s Claw Herb: The Facts from Island Healthworks

Cat's Claw may benefit digestion and immunity - Island Healthworks

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Cat’s Claw may Support Immunity & Digestive Health


Cat’s Claw, native to the rainforests of Peru is an increasingly popular herbal formulation known for its potentially strengthening effects that target the immune system and gastrointestinal system.  Known as a sacred beverage by the Ashanika tribe, Cat’s Claw has long been used to strengthen the immune system and support healthy bones, ligaments and digestive tract components of the body. Known as Uncaria tomentosa in scientific nomenclature, this herb may promote the balancing of intestinal flora, which affects the physical condition and biochemistry of these This herb may be associated with reductions in inflammation, which is a body state recognized as an underlying root cause of many health afflictions as discussed in our previous articles.  Symptoms relating to Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, ulcers and hemorrhoids may indicate the use of this herb. Choosing the right herbs for your purposes is important. Healthworks only recommends the use of Quality Controlled Herbs and Supplements.

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