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Summer Conditions Affect Your Body. Handle Hot Weather Right to Maintain Health!

Vancouver Island natural health care provider Island Healthworks shares nutrition, lifestyle and wellness tips for summer

Nutritional support and ample hydration equips your body to handle summer heat. With Island Healthworks, Vancouver Island, BC

Health does not just depend on internal functioning and food intake. Our interaction with the changing environment in which we live profoundly affects our wellbeing. As Vancouver Island, BC based natural health care providers we frequently run into interesting and concerning ways the environment influences our health.

Throughout the seasons, our bodies must adapt to changing conditions that test our response to different types of stresses. There are two fundamental elements of natural health care and healthy living that we must consider in relation to our surrounding environment.

First, we must know which conditions are beneficial and which are likely to unduly stress us. Hot weather is especially challenging.

Second, we must take advantage of the most up to date knowledge on how to support our bodies with the right nutrition, proper exercise and lifestyle adjustments able to better prepare us for each challenge!

By maintaining our health and keeping ourselves in peak condition, we are more resilient when faced with environmental stress such as hot weather! By avoiding unnecessary stress from excess exposure to direct sunlight in hot weather or pollution, we increase our capacity for health and longevity. As summer heat increases our susceptibility to sunburn, whether in the mild Vancouver Island climate where we are located or elsewhere worldwide, our need for increased water intake to keep us hydrated, cool and able to gain nutritional delivery to each cell becomes especially important.

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What are Powerstrips™? Discover the Benefits of this Revolutionary Approach

Learn about Power Strips™ for Pain with Island Healthworks!

Powestrips™ are an FDA approved, Class 1 Medical Device. A patented blend of herbs, marine phytoplankton & Germanium

PowerStrips™ are an FDA Approved, Class 1 Medical Device

Pain, overuse, stress and inflammation are growing problems in society. A combination of injuries and overuse combined with deficiencies and imbalances in the diet are among the contributing factors to rising rates of pain related complaints. Joint pain associated with disease, Pain associated with repetitive stress injuries and while tension, emotions and anxiety may contribute to physical pain and numerous stress related challenges.

While PowerStrips™ are applied topically to clean, dry, hairless skin, they cause an increase in heat in the tissues of the body. This causes blood vessel dilation which leads to temporary relief of pain associated with these problems. Just put Powerstrips™ where it hurts.

PowerStrips™ are now listed with the FDA as a “Class 1 Medical Device”. They can be used for pain relief and skin conditioning. “Power Strips” are based on a Patented Fusion of Energy and Pain Relief. For best results, Power Strips should be warn daily. Powerstrips™ have a proprietary blend of Korean Red Ginseng, a base of minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, silver ions) Marine Phytoplankton and Germanium.

Korean Red Ginseng is widely considered the most potent form of ginseng with a long history of use as a tonic. Western medical research has explored potential benefits of Korean Ginseng in the areas of pain relief, immunity, liver, blood pressure, sex, aging and mental clarity as well as detoxification, according to New Science Facts.

Korean Red Ginseng contains Ginsenonisdes and Saponins, in the most effective forms out of all types of ginseng. In addition, there are many amino acids, vitamins and minerals present. Marine Phytoplankton is a “complete cell food” containing many bioavailable nutrients that serve to nourish the cells. Silver has been studied for its antibacterial properties, with many applications in this area of concern.

Germanium is a warming, energy producing element that is of interest for its production of far infrared energy. PowerStrips™ help to promote pain relief, and Island Healthworks is excited about the potential PowerStrips™ may have for our patients. Quality Control is an essential consideration when choosing herbal products.

Article Prepared by Yvonne Dollard Perc, Master Herbalist, IR, SCL, NU, AC 

With Christopher Stephens, Content Writing & Communications for Island Healthworks

For more information on this FDA listed, cutting edge natural health product, please call Yvonne at 250-468-7685 or email us at

PowerStrips™ Are Available Through Island Healthworks click for details – PowerStrips™

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