Hot Weather Health – Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips

Summer Conditions Affect Your Body. Handle Hot Weather Right to Maintain Health!

Vancouver Island natural health care provider Island Healthworks shares nutrition, lifestyle and wellness tips for summer

Nutritional support and ample hydration equips your body to handle summer heat. With Island Healthworks, Vancouver Island, BC

Health does not just depend on internal functioning and food intake. Our interaction with the changing environment in which we live profoundly affects our wellbeing. As Vancouver Island, BC based natural health care providers we frequently run into interesting and concerning ways the environment influences our health.

Throughout the seasons, our bodies must adapt to changing conditions that test our response to different types of stresses. There are two fundamental elements of natural health care and healthy living that we must consider in relation to our surrounding environment.

First, we must know which conditions are beneficial and which are likely to unduly stress us. Hot weather is especially challenging.

Second, we must take advantage of the most up to date knowledge on how to support our bodies with the right nutrition, proper exercise and lifestyle adjustments able to better prepare us for each challenge!

By maintaining our health and keeping ourselves in peak condition, we are more resilient when faced with environmental stress such as hot weather! By avoiding unnecessary stress from excess exposure to direct sunlight in hot weather or pollution, we increase our capacity for health and longevity. As summer heat increases our susceptibility to sunburn, whether in the mild Vancouver Island climate where we are located or elsewhere worldwide, our need for increased water intake to keep us hydrated, cool and able to gain nutritional delivery to each cell becomes especially important.

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Eye Health Tips for Summer – A Look with Island Healthworks

Eye Health is Affected by Environmental Factors, Genetics and Lifestyle

Island Healthworks offers key tips for eye health. Learn about Sunlight, contaminants and nutrition.

Eye Color May Affect Vulnerability to Sunlight Damage in the Long Term.

Vision is probably our most valued, and perhaps  most vulnerable sense. Many factors affect vision and eye health, but there are steps you can take with a little knowledge. This article will give you a good start in natural eye health approaches, so read on!

Protecting our eyes and keeping the visual elements of our body in prime working order is a vital investment in long term health and ability.

Island Healthworks recognizes the dangers of excessive light exposure in the summer as a primary consideration. UV light may inflict damage to the eyes if proper precautions are not taken. Even then, reduction, not elimination in risk is all that can be promised. Blond(e)s and individuals with red hair are actually more vulnerable than brunet(te)s due to reduced levels of melanin in the eyes.

Brown eyes are characteristic of more southern environments, and are shielded by the pigment from sunlight. Blue eyed individuals for example are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with macular degeneration, or to experience discomfort in bright conditions. Many of these light sensitive populations originated in Central and Northern Europe and the British Isles where sunlight levels are lower. Eyestrain is a significant factor in our society. Reading is newer to the human species compared to many traditional activities, and staring at a computer screen as the writer of this article is inevitably doing from time to time may stress the eyes. Reduced blinking may lead to dryness.

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Cancer & The Human Environment – Island Healthworks May 2014 Cancer Series Part 1!

 Cancer, Cellular Health & The Human Environment

Learn about Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention with Island Healthworks

Environmental Conditions Are a Key Factor in Cancer Prevention.

On the heels of Cancer Month, Island Healthworks is running a cancer prevention through cellular health education month!

  • This environmental health article address the connection between cancer, cellular health and ecology!
  • Our next two cancer and cellular health articles will explore physiology and diet.

Our goal at Island Healthworks is to leave public readers armed with a privileged degree of integrated knowledge in this highly important area of human health and wellness.

Cancer in its many forms is a notorious and growing threat to human health, wellness and longevity. Cancer is a disease at the cellular level with important biochemical and immune system components.

Growing levels of toxic exposures from environmental, dietary and chronic psychological stress factors constitute a threat to our health. Insufficient clean air, nutrients and regenerating time in nature are challenges facing those in urban or industrial environments.

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