Nutrition & Detox Supports Balanced Biochemistry

Biochemistry Determines Cellular Health. Learn more about Nutrition & Detox with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks features biochemical roots of health at cellular, tissue & organ levels. Learn the basics of nutrition & detoxification.
Proper organ function starts at the cellular level. Macronutrients & micronutrients from a healthy diet must be available to each cell.

What does biochemistry mean for wellness?

Biochemistry is a big part of integrative health care! Our bodies are made up of water, minerals and many organic compounds that form our cells, tisues and organs while controlling the function of our body systems. Keeping our body’s chemistry in balance by limiting exposure to toxins and ensuring nutrient availability and absorption is essential. This is also achievable to a greater degree than we might expect.

The biochemistry of the human body is based upon the activity of countless chemicals including amino acids, proteins, catalyzing agents such as enzymes, sugars, ketones, major nutrient minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Core biochemical processes in the human body affect all of our organ systems and body fluids, affecting everything from skin health, energy levels and blood sugar levels to cardiovascular health and brain function. An imbalance in any nutrient level or a toxic exposure can cause a chain reaction that affects multiple body systems.

Integrative health care looks closely at biochemical imbalances, interruptions in metabolic processes, deficiencies, and toxicity in the human body in the interests of improving our health. Understanding several essential factors at even a layman’s level offers us a significant advantage in making proactive health care choices. Island Healthworks now features 6 key principles of environmental and dietary health and wellness in light of nutrition, detox and biochemical function.

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GMO Foods Explored: A Health & Lifestyle Review by Island Healthworks

Amidst the GMO debate, Island Healthworks Examines the Most Relevant Facts and Considerations!

GMO Crops are increasingly popular. Is there a cost? Island Healthworks explores potential areas of concern.

GMO crops Dominate the Corn Supply in the United States

GMO Foods are becoming more and more prevalent in our society as industrial agricultural science seeks to meet growing demands for food. First entering the market in 1994 in the form of the “Flavr Savr” tomato, GMO foods  have rapidly expanded to include a vast proportion of the North American food supply.

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Health Care Economics & The Holistic Lifestyle: Special Feature!

Healthy Living Investments Could Cut Rising Medical Costs

Learn about the economics of health and lifestyle choices

Investing in Health Now reduces Medical Expenses Further Down the Road.

Island Healthworks Special Feature – The Economic Challenges of Public Health

Economics may be considered a dark art, but the connections between our economy and public health are strikingly clear!  The language that includes terms like rates of return, loss prevention, cost avoidance, wise budgeting and investment are applicable to public health.

A quick review of nutritional education opportunities shows growth potential for public learning and  lots of professional development in these areas. A glance at health care expenditures shows staggering expenses in the billions dedicated not only to the construction of new hospitals across North America, increased use of emergency treatments and  rising medication expenses. Individual diseases such as diabetes are costing billions of dollars, including conditions that may have genetic roots, but seem to be linked to addressable public health matters such as exercise, alcohol overuse or high refined sugar intake. Dr. Preston Maring, Asociate Physician in-chief for the Oakland, California based Kaiser Permanante East Bay Medical  Center,  sees much of North American Health care “as a sort of pyramid”.

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Toxin Avoidance & Detoxification Support


Urban River - Robert Campbell

                          Reduce Toxicity Through Lifestyle and Herbal Approaches

     The environment humans exist within has always impacted our health, positively and negatively. Now, society faces fewer threats from contagious illnesses, poisonous plants or exposure, but more insidious chronic threats in the form of environmental pollution have permeated many aspects of our lives. Such environmental burdens stress the detoxification system to the limits, especially in the chemically sensitive.Pesticides are present in foods, while every piece of packaging material or breath of industrial air places a cumulative burden on our detoxification system.

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