Fiber First!

Dietary Roughage Prevents a Rough Time in the Bathroom

Dietary roughage is essential for effective digestive tract function. Island Healthworks discusses whole food dietary componants for healthy digestive tract function.

Whole foods like the green vegetables, root vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and legumes pictured deliver fiber and nutrients, supporting healthy digestive tract function.
Weller, Keith. USDA ARS, Public Domain Image because of origin. Licencing: Cc-zero.

Humans evolved to eat whole foods. Attempted reliance upon refined foods robs us of essential fiber and nutrients in our diet, while taking up space in our bodies and wasting valuable digestive resources. Whole foods, in contrast provide valuable fibre that assists in their digestion, while being equipped with vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid bearing components that ensure they are not just taking up space in our body, but giving us the nutrition we require.

Roughage is needed to maintain momentum in our gastrointestinal tract. Some of the most popular processed foods are challenging for the digestive system to eliminate and may clog our digestive tract, slowing down digestion due to a lack of roughage. Then, the food may decompose due to the length of time taken to pass through our intestines. This same clogging effect may occur with any food when we lack adequate fiber intake in our regular diet. Furthermore, many processed foods have been stripped of essential nutrients through refinement and simply take space without providing the nutrients that whole foods contain.

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Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature

Nature Can Lift your Mood & Boost Your Health: So Ensure You Experience the Earth!


Island Healthworks discusses the ways humans benefit from time in nature at a physiological and psychological level - Purple Funch - Simon Pierre Barrette photo - May 22, 2011 - Used under CC licence BY-SA 3.0

Birdwatching engages the mind while bringing great relaxation and memories that last a lifetime. Purple Finch – Simon Pierre Barrette photo, May 22, 2011 – Used under CC licence BY-SA 3.0

Humans are part of nature and we exert a profound influence on the natural world. While much concern has focused on human impacts on forests, bird populations, water quality, air quality and endangered species, we ourselves are endangered in a different way. Without the proper access to nature that comes hand in hand with proper respect for nature, we face a variety of health challenges relating to a loss of benefits from the natural world.

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Weight Loss, Diet and Human Adaptations

Understanding Human Needs & Adaptations Helps Guard Against Weight Gain

The right diet & exercise may bring your weight into harmony with your body type

The right diet & exercise may bring your weight into harmony with your natural body type


Weight Gain and Obesity is an epidemic, especially in North America. The problem drives millions of dollars of investment in weight loss, but successful reductions in weight can be elusive when the underlying causes are not addressed. Conflicting information is daunting to the average person and may add further uncertainty to the mix.

As explained in our previous article on environmental adaptations, “Human health is closely related to a range of adaptions that we have developed in order to live in our environment. Many health challenges occur when conflicts arise between our natural adaptations and what we have come to expect from our bodies.” Obesity is a rising concern due to the comprehensive set of pressures the condition places on the body, while at the same time, multiple root factors contribute to obesity.

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Cancer & The Human Environment – Island Healthworks May 2014 Cancer Series Part 1!

 Cancer, Cellular Health & The Human Environment

Learn about Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention with Island Healthworks

Environmental Conditions Are a Key Factor in Cancer Prevention.

On the heels of Cancer Month, Island Healthworks is running a cancer prevention through cellular health education month!

  • This environmental health article address the connection between cancer, cellular health and ecology!
  • Our next two cancer and cellular health articles will explore physiology and diet.

Our goal at Island Healthworks is to leave public readers armed with a privileged degree of integrated knowledge in this highly important area of human health and wellness.

Cancer in its many forms is a notorious and growing threat to human health, wellness and longevity. Cancer is a disease at the cellular level with important biochemical and immune system components.

Growing levels of toxic exposures from environmental, dietary and chronic psychological stress factors constitute a threat to our health. Insufficient clean air, nutrients and regenerating time in nature are challenges facing those in urban or industrial environments.

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Daily Health Nuggets: Toughen Up with Collatrim

Collatrim May Reduce Weight & Promote Greater Strength


Balancing Fat with Muscle is Healthy - Collatrim

Avian Forms Define Fat & Muscle Balance – Mike Baird Photo

The human body is a machine, carefully adapted to specific environments in a subtle manner through natural selection. Asking any aircraft designer about successful operation will get you this answer: Reduce weight but maintain strength and rigidity, with flexibility where needed. Not a herb, but rather, a bovine derived nutritional supplement, Collatrim contains nutrients that support your ligaments, tendons and muscles with the potential for improved strength and performance. While herbs mays stimulate certain body systems to act in a manner that supports certain health goals,  Collatrim may directly support an increase in tendons, muscles and ligaments while promoting increased performance and weight loss.

The high amino acid content in Collatrim is more concentrated than the nutrients found in ordinary foods. Countless “birdmen” discovered that birds have a far greater muscle and tendon strength to weight ratio than humans. However, those who simply feel that they fall below a healthy standard for the average human body may be interested in natural products that might improve “specifications”. Island Healthworks only recommends Quality Controlled Products to herb and supplement users.

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Beauty is Not Skin Deep: Inner Health for a Vibrant Appearence

Health, Beauty & Natural Cosmetic Products - Island Healthworks

Natural Health Care Supports Vibrant Looks

To Look Your Best, you Must Also Feel Your Best

   Beauty is certainly not skin deep. The relationship between health and beauty is clear, but all too often overlooked. Those seeking to look and feel the best in a visible manner must look to the health of the inner organ systems first. This is our longest blog article, but it makes an interesting read!

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Dietary Fat Choices & Your Health


Olive Oil - a Healthy Fat source

Healthy Fats – Olive Oil


Healthy Fats Affect Weight, Cardiovascular, Skin & Brain Health

We may try to limit fats as a threat to our beltlines. However, a selective approach must be taken to optimize health. Some compounds must be welcomed, as they are required in abundance for strong tissues, healthy skin and sound brain function.  These fats are key to healthy metabolism, heart health and vibrancy. The wrong types pose major threats to our health.

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