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Daily Health Nuggets: Stress Formula

 Stress  Formula & Management Tips – with Island Healthworks

Stress Formula from Island Healthworks aims to support brain and nervous system function

Stress Formula Recognizes that Stress & Physical Health are Interrelated.

Stress comes to us in the form of environmental pressures and inward responses. Some responses are programmed, while others reflect our state of mind, health or natural physical tendencies. Energy management starts with attention to lifestyle, preparation for challenging events, proper nutrition and an attitude that embraces relaxation. Herbal products may play an important role in controlling and adapting to change as well. Stress Formula, for example, contains a wide range of herbs that target nervous system function and promote relaxation, such as Hops and Valerian.

In a truly integrative approach, Stress Formula provides support to the adrenals as well as the nervous system, which contains highly important B complex vitamins and Vitamin C compounds. These nutrients offset stress and address underlying challenges by supporting the body. Stress can destroy, and the damaging effects must be kept in balance. STR-C contains ginseng and other muscle and mood relaxers, which may influence a broad range of health considerations. Quality Control is the standard that Island Healthworks always supports in our research and recommendations.

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