Hot Weather Health – Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips

Summer Conditions Affect Your Body. Handle Hot Weather Right to Maintain Health!

Vancouver Island natural health care provider Island Healthworks shares nutrition, lifestyle and wellness tips for summer

Nutritional support and ample hydration equips your body to handle summer heat. With Island Healthworks, Vancouver Island, BC

Health does not just depend on internal functioning and food intake. Our interaction with the changing environment in which we live profoundly affects our wellbeing. As Vancouver Island, BC based natural health care providers we frequently run into interesting and concerning ways the environment influences our health.

Throughout the seasons, our bodies must adapt to changing conditions that test our response to different types of stresses. There are two fundamental elements of natural health care and healthy living that we must consider in relation to our surrounding environment.

First, we must know which conditions are beneficial and which are likely to unduly stress us. Hot weather is especially challenging.

Second, we must take advantage of the most up to date knowledge on how to support our bodies with the right nutrition, proper exercise and lifestyle adjustments able to better prepare us for each challenge!

By maintaining our health and keeping ourselves in peak condition, we are more resilient when faced with environmental stress such as hot weather! By avoiding unnecessary stress from excess exposure to direct sunlight in hot weather or pollution, we increase our capacity for health and longevity. As summer heat increases our susceptibility to sunburn, whether in the mild Vancouver Island climate where we are located or elsewhere worldwide, our need for increased water intake to keep us hydrated, cool and able to gain nutritional delivery to each cell becomes especially important.

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Why Herbs? When Botany Meets Human Health

Herbs Have Great Potential When Understood & Used Correctly!

Herbal Formulations are subject to increasing scientific attention. Humans are adapted to benefit from many aspects of nature.

Herbs contain active ingredients that may consist of tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids and carotenoids. Chosen correctly, Adaptogenic and synergistic properties may be harnessed! Denis Prévôt Photo, March 20, 2011
Used under Licence –
CC BY-SA 3.0

Human health and natural resources are closely linked.  As living beings well adapted to life on this planet, we have come to depend on sunlight, nutrients, fresh air and quality food with a proper nutrient balance. We are also adapted in a way that allows the use of natural herbs to support our health.

While food plants form an essential source of nutrients and life supporting natural compounds ranging from enzymes and minerals to chlorophyll and fiber, more concentrated nutrients, biologically active plant components and ingredients from herbs have exceptionally valuable applications. Herbs may deliver nutrients in a concentrated form, or catalyze beneficial processes and support human health through specific actions linked to their botanical makeup.

Given the importance of herbal health care considerations, Island Healthworks will take the opportunity to give you a proper snapshot of how herbs work and why it is so important to ensure they are used correctly. A herb is not just a herb, there are key factors that lead to potential benefits instead of a wasted opportunity if considered.

Herbs come from a diversity of plant types, including those familiar from gardens, forests and fields, species used in cooking, and lesser known wild crafted specialty herbs. Roots, leaves, stems, berries and juices are all among the plant parts may serve as the sources of herbal formulations. Originating from all over the world, herbal formulations have been central to traditional health care methods in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia, covering temperate and tropical environments alike. Each plant offers a specific biochemical makeup and set of properties. First Nations uses of herbs are paralleled in many modern formulations.

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Give the Gift of Health this Christmas!

Island Healthworks Offers Gift Certificates to Make a Difference

A Gift of Health is unique, valuable and meaningful

At Island Healthworks, we would like to wish you a happy holiday season and send our regards your way. We also invite you to join us in giving a gift of health if you are looking for a way to give something meaningful.

Material gifts are universally offered during the holiday season, but many people want to do something different. How about a gift that can potentially make a lasting difference in someone’s life?

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Liver Health: What Does the Liver do & How Can we Protect It?

The Liver: Your Largest Internal Organ Controls Metabolism, Detox & Synthesis

The Liver is more than a detox organ. Learn about the blood sugar, digestive and amino acid functions of this organ.

The Liver Controls a Wide Range of Vital Body Functions.

The liver is both a hardworking organ and a vulnerable body system component. Located just below the diaphragm in the abdominal cavity, the liver is composed of two specialized cell types.

Often viewed purely as a detox organ, the largest solid organ in the body after the skin has nearly 500 roles in the body! Linked to the heart, gastrointestinal tract, spleen and pancreas by major blood vessels, the liver contains specialized lobules.

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Paw-Paw Herb – The Cellular Health Herb

Paw-Paw Herb Targets Health at the Cellular Level, Affecting ATP

Paw-Paw is a herb that offers potential as a cellular tonic. Island Healthworks article.

Paw-Paw is the largest Fruit in the United States & a Plant of Herbal Interest


Native to streamside areas and lowlands of the Eastern USA, Paw-Paw is an indigenous fruit tree long used by Native American tribes and later, early settlers. The pleasant tasting fruit is encased within hard pods that protect the insides but tend to limit the use of this plant in large agricultural operations. Cellular health is important, and regulating cellular function through natural herbal formulations is gaining increasing interest!

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Electrolytes, Minerals & Your Health

Minerals & Electrolytes for Body System Stability


Minerals have many important roles in the body. Island Healthworks discusses proper nutrition & electrolytes for better health.

Minerals are essential for proper cellular health & organ performance.

The human body is mostly water, and the rest appears to be tissue and bone made from a variety of components, which of course include water themselves.  There are many carbon, hydrogen and protein based organic compounds making up the human body, with organ functions and metabolic processes involving aldehydes, ketones and other organic chemical processes. Amongst these complex reactions, metallic elements and minerals scattered all across the periodic table interact and assimilate in the human body to carry out a wide variety of roles.

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Alfalfa Herb – The Legume Superfood with Specific Nutritional Benefits

Alfalfa is a Legume Derived Food Herb with Great Targeted Nutritional Potential!

Island Healthworks features Alfalfa Herb as a dietary supplement.

Alfalfa Herb Provides Numerous Nutritional Benefits

Island Healthworks has recently featured several articles covering Heart Health, Inflammation, and Alkaline Diets for your improved health.

Inflammation is a primary cause of disease, including cancer, circulation problems and digestive distress. Any herb that has inflammation reducing potential may prove useful as part of a nutritional plan to reduce the chance of long term health complications. Prevention through nutrition is a growing field of medical research and herbs and foods such as Alfalfa may come to increasing prominence through further studies.

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Heart Health Part 2! Your Heart, Organ Position & Skeletal Alignment

Part 2 of Our Heart Series! Island Healthworks Explains The Relationship Between Heart Health & General Physiology

Heart Health is related to stomach alignment, pressure and even posture
Heart Function Is Related to Proper Body Alignment & Stress Management

The heart is an especially vital organ that we may take for granted. The heart can also be interfered with by other areas of the body due to misalignment. The stomach can affect the health of your heart and lead to pressure on the heart.  The mechanical structure of the stomach may become positioned too high, which may impede the proper function of the heart within the chest cavity.

The stomach’s position may therefore interfere with normal heart function by pressing on the lower chambers of the heart. This misalignment and tension is due to a stressed stomach which can result from emotional, physical or neurological conditions.

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Blood Sugar, Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

Blood Sugar Regulation: Addressing Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

Resist Diabetes with a Healthy Diet - Island Healthworks

A Healthy Diet & Proper Exercise Fights Diabetes

Are you concerned about Type 2 Diabetes or Hypoglycemia? These serious medical concerns are strongly linked to diet, weight and lifestyle. Blood sugar is a measure of the levels of energy providing glucose and more minor sugars in the bloodstream. This parameter is one of the most critical for proper body function, responsible for maintaining organ systems and providing energy. However, blood sugar can easily fall out of range, leading to a wide range of problems.

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