Healthy Fats and Your Health

Just Like Low Blood Sugar, Low Healthy Fat Levels Do Harm

Avocado Oil, along with Coconut oil are examples of naturally healthy, nutritious fat choices for an improved diet

Avocado Oil properly prepared is one vibrant source of Healthy Fat based nutrition

We may worry about getting fat, but what if the bigger problem is actually a deficiency in dietary intake of healthy fat? Cutting down on fat from our diet may be a knee-jerk response to weight gain, yet, what if we are actually starving ourselves through a lack of proper fat intake while making ourselves sick with a diet full of trans-fats and other unnatural forms of fat? Bad fats include such surprising sources as starchy carbs. Every time you eat a meal devoid of healthy fat, you are getting full, but not getting the nourishment you need to survive and thrive! And healthy fat deficiencies can make you feel sick and irritable just like low blood sugar.

In her more than 30 years of practice and research, Yvonne Dollard Perc of Island Healthworks has seen firsthand the effects of improper fat intake and researched the subject in great depth. Yvonne stresses that fats come in two forms, healthy, non-adulterated fat, and harmful forms of fat, including the starchy carbs and infamous trans-fatty acids, alien to the human body and capable of causing biochemical disruption. If we take in the wrong forms of fat, the physical structures of our body may be malnourished, while toxic effects from the wrong fats can weaken our tissues and cells. Starchy carbs turn to a sticky fat which clogs the arteries, setting the stage for trans-fats to stick and bind to the walls of these blood vessels. Healthy eating is thus never as simple as saying “cut out too much fat” it is about finding the right fats and actively including them in our diet. The wrong fats can be overly acid; the right fats build our health by supporting a proper PH balance.

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Nutrition & Detox Supports Balanced Biochemistry

Biochemistry Determines Cellular Health. Learn more about Nutrition & Detox with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks features biochemical roots of health at cellular, tissue & organ levels. Learn the basics of nutrition & detoxification.
Proper organ function starts at the cellular level. Macronutrients & micronutrients from a healthy diet must be available to each cell.

What does biochemistry mean for wellness?

Biochemistry is a big part of integrative health care! Our bodies are made up of water, minerals and many organic compounds that form our cells, tisues and organs while controlling the function of our body systems. Keeping our body’s chemistry in balance by limiting exposure to toxins and ensuring nutrient availability and absorption is essential. This is also achievable to a greater degree than we might expect.

The biochemistry of the human body is based upon the activity of countless chemicals including amino acids, proteins, catalyzing agents such as enzymes, sugars, ketones, major nutrient minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Core biochemical processes in the human body affect all of our organ systems and body fluids, affecting everything from skin health, energy levels and blood sugar levels to cardiovascular health and brain function. An imbalance in any nutrient level or a toxic exposure can cause a chain reaction that affects multiple body systems.

Integrative health care looks closely at biochemical imbalances, interruptions in metabolic processes, deficiencies, and toxicity in the human body in the interests of improving our health. Understanding several essential factors at even a layman’s level offers us a significant advantage in making proactive health care choices. Island Healthworks now features 6 key principles of environmental and dietary health and wellness in light of nutrition, detox and biochemical function.

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Fat, Your Diet & Your Health Explained!

Healthy Fats Affect Weight, Cardiovascular, Skin & Brain Health


Olive Oil - a Healthy Fat source

Olive Oil is a Source of Healthy Fats & Nutrients. Public Use file – Creative Commons Licence



We may try to generally limit fats as a threat to our beltlines. However, a selective approach must be taken to optimize health. Some fatty compounds must be welcomed, as they are required in abundance for strong tissues, healthy skin and sound brain function.  These fats are key to healthy metabolism, heart health and vibrancy. The wrong fat types can pose noteworthy threats to our health.

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Brain Function & Nutrition Explained with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks Looks at Connections Between Brain Function & Nutrition

Learn about Mental Health, Brain Function & Nutrition - With Island Healthworks

Brain Health Requires Proper Nutritional Support

The brain is just an organ, but it is a complex system. Brain function is tied to the rest of the nervous system and the endocrine system, bringing a requirement for lifestyle management and nutritional support.

Proper brain function is related to proper nutrition and nutrient assimilation by the body.  Different food groups are associated with different organic and inorganic nutrient types, enzymes and cofactors. The right biochemical fuel runs the brain and influences physiology and psychology!

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Inflammation: The Underlying Cause of Most Illness

Chronic Inflammation Often Remains Undetected, but Has Serious Implications

Inflammation is a serious underlying cause of illness

As the Sun benefits human health, so does inflammation as an essential body process, but excess is dangerous.

If you look at any disease, health concern or medical condition, you are likely to find inflammation at the root as an underlying cause.

According to some of the most interesting and progressive health writings by medical doctors, inflammation in of itself is actually a good thing in many cases. However, too much of a good thing is sure recipe for problems down the road, and excessive inflammation drives serious illnesses and even apparently terminal conditions.

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Prominent Vaccine Researcher Admits to Holding Back Autism Data

Senior Scientist at the CDC says statistically significant results from a 2004 study on Vaccine and Autism relationships were held back by his team

In the field of health care, open, honest research and effective cost/benefit evaluations are important. The use of vaccines has become increasingly popular not only for serious infectious diseases but for what are typically more minor conditions.  While the jury is still out on many aspects of this subject, Island Healthworks wishes to draw attention to a recent legal submission that points to ommision of data in vaccine safety research.

William W. Thompson, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist with the Center for Disease Control since 1998. He recently made a legal submission with  Morgan Verkamp LLC admitting with regret that he and his coauthers completed a study on potential relationships between the MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) vaccine and autism  and “Omitted statistically significant information  in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics.”  Thompson continues, stating “The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased  risk for autism.

Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.” The legal submision and subsequent statements by Dr. Thompson says that “My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub­ group for a particular  vaccine.” He point out that “There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly  convey the risks associated  with receipt of those vaccines.”

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Chamomile And Other Calming Herbs – The Facts

Chamomile, Passion Flower and Hops: Herbs that Offer Natural Ways to Relax and De-Stress


Chamomile is widely used as a popular relaxing herb in teas and mixed stress formulations.

Stress in the environment or internal stress is a human response that sets off a cascade of chemical reactions. Many of these chemicals directly affect neurological health and physical health alike, leading to further stress complaints and further symptoms down the road.

Mindfulness, or living in the moment is often promoted for stress reduction. However, pursuing the right kind of moments in your life, such as taking some time in nature goes even further. In handling stress, many individuals may resort to stress medications, many of which are known to have side effects.

Potentially relaxing herbal preparations are another approach that many individuals may select as part of a more natural approach to stress reduction.

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Brain Function, Nutrition & Your Diet – Must Know Tips from Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks Looks at Connections Between Brain Function & Nutrition

Learn about Mental Health, Brain Function & Nutrition - With Island Healthworks

Brain Health Requires Proper Nutritional Support

The Brain is an organ like many other body components. The complexity of this organ and the interconnection of the brain with other elements of the nervous system and the endocrine system requires extensive nutritional support to maintain proper brain function.warming and cooling neutransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are synthesized in the body from amino acid based proteins.

The structure of the brain includes intricately connected sets of electrical circuits, neurotransmitters, chemical pathways and insulating fatty compounds. Different parts of the brain control distinct but interconnected body functions at conscious and unconscious levels.

In turn, proper brain function is related to a proper combination of organic and inorganic nutrients. Different food groups are associated with different nutrient types. Electrical current transmission and information distribution in the brain and neurotransmitter responses depends on proper amino acid levels and mineral cofactors.

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Health Nuggets: Learn About Ginkgo Biloba

Ginko Biloba is a Living Fossil with Modern Benefits to your Health

Looking for Mental Clarity, Circulation & Energy? Learn more about Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko Biloba may Support Circulation, Cognitive Function & Vitality

Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient plant regarded by botanists as a living fossil. Native to China, this tree has no living relatives and comes with a long and distinguished place in human history. Ginkgo has long been used in traditional formulations and in foods. This herb is known to be a powerful antioxidant. Ginkgo Biloba supports strong circulation. Circulation enhancement in turn increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain while supporting detoxification. Because of these properties, this ancient herb has attracted considerable interest in the modern medical community for its potential to boost cognitive function, energy and awareness due to increased oxygenation and blood flow to the brain and body tissues. Studies suggest that some increases in cognitive function may be occurring, and more research is warranted.

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