Live Blood Cell Analysis at Island Healthworks

What is your Blood Really Telling you?

Oxygen Carrying Red Blood Cells are visible in Live Blood Cell Analysis

Red Blood Cells Distribute Oxygen throughout the Body, Maintaining Tissue Health. Image Source: Health Published under Creative Commons Licence ShareAlike 3.0 unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) )

A healthy blood stream makes for a healthy body. Our blood nourishes our cells, all tissues, organs and glands. Clearly, just having enough blood is not enough. It must be in great shape if you want to be healthy! Live Blood Cell Analysis at Island Healthworks gives us a window into the person’s nutritional needs, helping us to design a program and healthy lifestyle plan. A live blood sample gives valuable insight into the attributes of the blood terrain.

In the Live Blood Cell Analysis process, we use our state of the art microscopy equipment to conduct both a wet and dry blood cell analysis. To obtain the samples, we simply take a pinprick blood sample from your finger and place the drop of blood on a slide, and then place 8 separate drops on another slide to dry. Using a specially designed compound microscope, we magnify and project the image of the wet blood sample and the dry blood sample onto a computer screen, where we view the specific characteristics of the sample.

With the bloodstream underpinning every function of our body, a microscopy examined sample of the blood itself offers an invaluable look at our current lifestyle and nutritional needs. The health of your blood is central to the health of your cardiovascular system, but also relates directly to all other aspects of your health. When anomalies are noticed in a live blood sample, the observations give us relevant information to build a nutritional program tailored to the needs reflected in the blood terrain. The findings help to support improved health and lifestyle decision making.
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The Facts About Olive Leaf Extract: Health Nuggets

 Olive Leaf: Immune System Support & Circulatory System Tonic

Island Healthworks discuses Olive Leaf Extract , Immune Function & Antioxidants

Olive Leaf Extract may Support Circulation & Immune Function

Olive leaf extract is a lesser known component of a well known culinary plant. While olive fruits themselves and olive oil are enjoyed for their flavor and use in traditional Mediterranean cooking, Olive Leaf extract offers potential benefits as a health food supplement and herbal formulation. Olive Leaf extract is a herb frequently recommended for its potential to support immune system function by stimulating defence cell activity while also potentially weakening certain viruses according to research cited in herbal publications and medical studies looking at effects of herbs on infectious agents. Continue reading

Kidney Health Part 1: Learn About Your Filters & Regulators

Just what do the Kidneys Do, and How Can you Take Care of them?

Concerened About Kidney Health? Learn natural approaches with Island Healthworks

The Kidneys Filter Your Body Fluids & Regulate Biochemical Parameters

The Kidneys are vital organs that maintain a number of body system parameters as regulators of chemical and physiological conditions in the organs, tissues and bloodstream. Your kidneys maintain urinary system functions and also provide homeostatic regulation which affects electrolytes, acid/alkaline balance, and blood pressure.

These functions are controlled by salt and water balance regulation. The Kidneys filter blood and remove waste before producing urine and reabsorbing water, glucose and amino acids. Kidneys also produce amino acids needed by other body systems.

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