Healthy Fats and Your Health

Just Like Low Blood Sugar, Low Healthy Fat Levels Do Harm

Avocado Oil, along with Coconut oil are examples of naturally healthy, nutritious fat choices for an improved diet

Avocado Oil properly prepared is one vibrant source of Healthy Fat based nutrition

We may worry about getting fat, but what if the bigger problem is actually a deficiency in dietary intake of healthy fat? Cutting down on fat from our diet may be a knee-jerk response to weight gain, yet, what if we are actually starving ourselves through a lack of proper fat intake while making ourselves sick with a diet full of trans-fats and other unnatural forms of fat? Bad fats include such surprising sources as starchy carbs. Every time you eat a meal devoid of healthy fat, you are getting full, but not getting the nourishment you need to survive and thrive! And healthy fat deficiencies can make you feel sick and irritable just like low blood sugar.

In her more than 30 years of practice and research, Yvonne Dollard Perc of Island Healthworks has seen firsthand the effects of improper fat intake and researched the subject in great depth. Yvonne stresses that fats come in two forms, healthy, non-adulterated fat, and harmful forms of fat, including the starchy carbs and infamous trans-fatty acids, alien to the human body and capable of causing biochemical disruption. If we take in the wrong forms of fat, the physical structures of our body may be malnourished, while toxic effects from the wrong fats can weaken our tissues and cells. Starchy carbs turn to a sticky fat which clogs the arteries, setting the stage for trans-fats to stick and bind to the walls of these blood vessels. Healthy eating is thus never as simple as saying “cut out too much fat” it is about finding the right fats and actively including them in our diet. The wrong fats can be overly acid; the right fats build our health by supporting a proper PH balance.

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Fat, Your Diet & Your Health Explained!

Healthy Fats Affect Weight, Cardiovascular, Skin & Brain Health


Olive Oil - a Healthy Fat source

Olive Oil is a Source of Healthy Fats & Nutrients. Public Use file – Creative Commons Licence



We may try to generally limit fats as a threat to our beltlines. However, a selective approach must be taken to optimize health. Some fatty compounds must be welcomed, as they are required in abundance for strong tissues, healthy skin and sound brain function.  These fats are key to healthy metabolism, heart health and vibrancy. The wrong fat types can pose noteworthy threats to our health.

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Green Tea: A Healing Herb, Not Just a Tea

Green Tea is More than a Beverage. Learn About this Promising Herb with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks discusses the benefits of green tea extract

Green Tea is a Healing Herb with Potent Ingredients – Learn more with Island Healthworks

The tea plant is well known as the source of traditional drinks and the ubiquitous modern beverage. We may drink tea black or green. However, Camellia sinensis, native to Asia and cultivated worldwide is not only the source of drinks, but a potent healing herb with impressive potential benefits for the field of natural health care. Green Tea extract contains powerful antioxidants known as catechins known to be 200 times as effective as vitamin E when it comes to neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals are known to cause notable damage to lipids and other essential fats. In addition, Green tea contains plant derived compounds that may help the body fight infection. Other components include kidney supporting compounds and chemical ingredients that may promote better blood clotting patterns and total cholesterol level regulation, while increasing good cholesterol levels. Green tea contains polyphenols in significant quantities, which may block cholesterol absorption according to a study noted by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Researchers have studied Green Tea and its ingredients with a view to exploring potential interactions with cancer, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. In concentrated extract form, you receive more potent benefits from this herb in a highly concentrated and bioavailable form.  Quality Control is an essential consideration when choosing herbal products.

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