Weight Management, Body Types & Exercise Ideas!

Encourage Weight Loss by Matching Health Choices with Body Type!

Learn about fitness, body type and how to harness and accomodate your natural adaptations through healthy lifestyle practies with Island Healthworks.

Fitness is about keeping our body in a state in line with our natural form for optimal function. Genetic factors, body type and lifestyle are core considerations for your physiological health.

Fitness is a big subject! Our muscles, organs and joints all benefit from proper weight management, while weight management can be supported by dietary choices that consider our individual metabolic traits. Our genetic makeup plays a huge role in our weight related predispositions.

As summer approaches, exercise comes to many people’s minds as a hot topic. The vacation season brings us a chance to start new patterns of activity that support our health. But exercise needs to be pursued one step at a time to avoid overuse injuries, in conjunction with proper nutritional choices to facilitate healthy living. Human potential is maximized by removing limits from ourselves rather than necessarily developing some significant new ability. What we tell ourselves is important as it is a potent form of self-feedback, affecting our body image and how we act.

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Bone, Joint & Muscle Health Explained!

Healthy Bones & Joints Call for Fitness, Nutrition & Hormonal Balance


Island Healthworks features the true facts about bone health, muscles, tendons and nutrition

In order to support the body, the musculoskeletal system requires proper nutritional support

Form and function are interconnected. The adult human body structure is built out 206 bones and countless muscles, ligaments and tendons that support our shape and form joints to enable all our activities.

Supporting the body, the bones depend on proper nutrition for health and resilience. The bones also juxtapose with our connective tissues, muscles,  and cartilage to form joints,  which are areas of special strength and vulnerability in day to day life. Working together, the components of our musculoskeletal system support the physical framework of our body yet they depend on the biochemical support of multiple body systems. The health of our entire musculoskeletal system is influenced by nutrition, genetics, environmental factors, and injury related considerations. Bones require minerals and biochemical nourishment, joint require proper nutrient assimilation, collagen and macronutrients, and muscles depend on protein among the many factors in the health of these body components.

There are many factors that your daily choices can influence when it comes to the health of your body’s essential supporting and moving framework.  According to research published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, rising rates of osteoporosis stemming from multiple factors point to an urgent need to develop nutritional strategies that may relate to concerns affecting bone health. The bones are living and dynamic systems linked to many aspects of your body systems. While calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin D are essential for proper bone health, there is a bigger picture at work in how these solid, apparently static framework pieces are living, breathing parts of your body that tie in with dynamic biochemical processes

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Keep Moving: Addressing Joint Health & Arthritis

Balanced Lifestyle, Good Diet & Supplements Optimize Mobility & Comfort

Access to Nature improves health

A walk on a forest path refreshes the mind and body. N. Tonelli photo.

The human body is quite a piece of mechanical engineering. That lithe ability to move into a multitude of positions is enabled by a multitude of joints ranging from the obvious knee, hip foot and arm joints, to semi-mobile joints that make up the spinal column, rib cage and even ear regions.

Our joints are what give us free mobility as we flex and bend.  Although amazingly resilient, arthritis is a potential complication associated with nutritional deficiencies and daily wear and tear as well as traumatic injures. Joints in the human skeleton must be made of softer materials than the rest of the skeleton and therefore present a biomechanical trade-off that balances flexibility with resistance to injurious movement and tearing. Continue reading

Daily Health Nuggets: Toughen Up with Collatrim

Collatrim May Reduce Weight & Promote Greater Strength


Balancing Fat with Muscle is Healthy - Collatrim

Avian Forms Define Fat & Muscle Balance – Mike Baird Photo

The human body is a machine, carefully adapted to specific environments in a subtle manner through natural selection. Asking any aircraft designer about successful operation will get you this answer: Reduce weight but maintain strength and rigidity, with flexibility where needed. Not a herb, but rather, a bovine derived nutritional supplement, Collatrim contains nutrients that support your ligaments, tendons and muscles with the potential for improved strength and performance. While herbs mays stimulate certain body systems to act in a manner that supports certain health goals,  Collatrim may directly support an increase in tendons, muscles and ligaments while promoting increased performance and weight loss.

The high amino acid content in Collatrim is more concentrated than the nutrients found in ordinary foods. Countless “birdmen” discovered that birds have a far greater muscle and tendon strength to weight ratio than humans. However, those who simply feel that they fall below a healthy standard for the average human body may be interested in natural products that might improve “specifications”. Island Healthworks only recommends Quality Controlled Products to herb and supplement users.

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