Weight Management, Body Types & Exercise Ideas!

Encourage Weight Loss by Matching Health Choices with Body Type!

Learn about fitness, body type and how to harness and accomodate your natural adaptations through healthy lifestyle practies with Island Healthworks.

Fitness is about keeping our body in a state in line with our natural form for optimal function. Genetic factors, body type and lifestyle are core considerations for your physiological health.

Fitness is a big subject! Our muscles, organs and joints all benefit from proper weight management, while weight management can be supported by dietary choices that consider our individual metabolic traits. Our genetic makeup plays a huge role in our weight related predispositions.

As summer approaches, exercise comes to many people’s minds as a hot topic. The vacation season brings us a chance to start new patterns of activity that support our health. But exercise needs to be pursued one step at a time to avoid overuse injuries, in conjunction with proper nutritional choices to facilitate healthy living. Human potential is maximized by removing limits from ourselves rather than necessarily developing some significant new ability. What we tell ourselves is important as it is a potent form of self-feedback, affecting our body image and how we act.

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Why Herbs? When Botany Meets Human Health

Herbs Have Great Potential When Understood & Used Correctly!

Herbal Formulations are subject to increasing scientific attention. Humans are adapted to benefit from many aspects of nature.

Herbs contain active ingredients that may consist of tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids and carotenoids. Chosen correctly, Adaptogenic and synergistic properties may be harnessed! Denis Prévôt Photo, March 20, 2011
Used under Licence –
CC BY-SA 3.0

Human health and natural resources are closely linked.  As living beings well adapted to life on this planet, we have come to depend on sunlight, nutrients, fresh air and quality food with a proper nutrient balance. We are also adapted in a way that allows the use of natural herbs to support our health.

While food plants form an essential source of nutrients and life supporting natural compounds ranging from enzymes and minerals to chlorophyll and fiber, more concentrated nutrients, biologically active plant components and ingredients from herbs have exceptionally valuable applications. Herbs may deliver nutrients in a concentrated form, or catalyze beneficial processes and support human health through specific actions linked to their botanical makeup.

Given the importance of herbal health care considerations, Island Healthworks will take the opportunity to give you a proper snapshot of how herbs work and why it is so important to ensure they are used correctly. A herb is not just a herb, there are key factors that lead to potential benefits instead of a wasted opportunity if considered.

Herbs come from a diversity of plant types, including those familiar from gardens, forests and fields, species used in cooking, and lesser known wild crafted specialty herbs. Roots, leaves, stems, berries and juices are all among the plant parts may serve as the sources of herbal formulations. Originating from all over the world, herbal formulations have been central to traditional health care methods in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia, covering temperate and tropical environments alike. Each plant offers a specific biochemical makeup and set of properties. First Nations uses of herbs are paralleled in many modern formulations.

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The Gut Brain Connection & Digestion Explained

Digestion and gut health affect brain function through nutrient distribution and toxic metabolism

Special feature with scientific article links! Learn how the gut and brain are interconnected through nerves, friendly bacteria, digestion, nutrition and waste metabolism!

Digestive Health affects brain function - Island Healthworks

Digestion offers a prime example of how our body systems interconnect

The human body is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and glands that work together in harmony to carry out a vast range of essential functions. Our interconnected functions illustrate the foremost importance of an integrative view and approach to health.

The digestive system processes food into two necessary components, one vital for our health and the other requiring effective elimination. These are nutrients, and waste. Optimal digestive function first and foremost extracts as many nutrients as possible from our food. Optimal digestive function then prepares waste for elimination and then removes the waste. Finally, optimal digestion depends on both the health of the Digestive System, and what is put into this magnificent system. We must keep in mind the level of interconnection between the digestive system and other body systems.

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Allergies & Year Round Colds & Flus Demystified

Allergy Season Symptoms & Year Round Cold and Flu Occurrences Relate to Immunity

Learn about allergies, colds and flus with Island Healthworks

Pollen triggers allergies when your body overreacts

Natural resistance to allergies, colds and flus alike all depend on the condition of our immune system. Immune system health involves a combination of body systems that must function together to defend the body, and avoid overreacting to environmental elements.

In the spring, airborne allergens are hard to avoid, and the allergic load from these natural allergens may be worsened by unnatural levels of toxins in our environment. Varnishes, paints and even packaging materials may contribute to toxicity and allergic burdens in our home and office environment. There are many other factors to consider. Pet allergies may be mitigated by avoiding particularly allergenic species, and by avoidance of overly close contact. However, at Island Healthworks we have seen pet allergies disappear through simple lifestyle changes and the right nutritional supplementation.

If there are innate, unavoidable sources of allergens in our environment, such as pollen, we can take steps to compensate for your immune system overreaction. Even in an allergen free environment, a lack of symptoms from allergies should not mean one should be satisfied with one’s current health. The seasonal appearance of allergies may indicate chronic health impairments that manifest themselves as allergies. Continue reading

Lyme Disease a Topic of Increasing Medical Concern in North America


Sifting out Concrete Facts from Conjecture is Essential

Learn the facts about Lyme Disease & take steps to protect yourself

Learn the facts about Lyme Disease & take steps to protect yourself

Lyme Disease is a growing subject of concern in both mainstream and natural healthcare as an established and potentially serious form of Zoonosis (disease transmitted from animals to human beings).  Among the controversies generated by overdiagnoses and potential misunderstandings of the disorder, it is essential to sort out reliable facts among ambiguous or conflicting sources of information. A clear understanding and recognition of the limitations in current knowledge regarding the disorder is essential. Rapidly rising rates of Lyme infection  may be related to increased human contact with natural areas without due precautions, animal transport of ticks and climate change. In the past year, over 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease were transmitted in the US alone.

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Give the Gift of Health this Christmas!

Island Healthworks Offers Gift Certificates to Make a Difference

A Gift of Health is unique, valuable and meaningful

At Island Healthworks, we would like to wish you a happy holiday season and send our regards your way. We also invite you to join us in giving a gift of health if you are looking for a way to give something meaningful.

Material gifts are universally offered during the holiday season, but many people want to do something different. How about a gift that can potentially make a lasting difference in someone’s life?

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Keep Moving: Addressing Joint Health & Arthritis

Balanced Lifestyle, Good Diet & Supplements Optimize Mobility & Comfort

Access to Nature improves health

A walk on a forest path refreshes the mind and body. N. Tonelli photo.

The human body is quite a piece of mechanical engineering. That lithe ability to move into a multitude of positions is enabled by a multitude of joints ranging from the obvious knee, hip foot and arm joints, to semi-mobile joints that make up the spinal column, rib cage and even ear regions.

Our joints are what give us free mobility as we flex and bend.  Although amazingly resilient, arthritis is a potential complication associated with nutritional deficiencies and daily wear and tear as well as traumatic injures. Joints in the human skeleton must be made of softer materials than the rest of the skeleton and therefore present a biomechanical trade-off that balances flexibility with resistance to injurious movement and tearing. Continue reading

Liver Health: What Does the Liver do & How Can we Protect It?

The Liver: Your Largest Internal Organ Controls Metabolism, Detox & Synthesis

The Liver is more than a detox organ. Learn about the blood sugar, digestive and amino acid functions of this organ.

The Liver Controls a Wide Range of Vital Body Functions. Diagram by Jiju Kurian Punnoose October 12, 2007

The liver is both a hardworking organ and a vulnerable body system component. Located just below the diaphragm in the abdominal cavity, the liver is composed of two specialized cell types.

Often viewed purely as a detox organ, the largest solid organ in the body after the skin has nearly 500 roles in the body! Linked to the heart, gastrointestinal tract, spleen and pancreas by major blood vessels, the liver contains specialized lobules.

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Inflammation: The Underlying Cause of Most Illness

Chronic Inflammation Often Remains Undetected, but Has Serious Implications

Inflammation is a serious underlying cause of illness

As the Sun benefits human health, so does inflammation as an essential body process, but excess is dangerous.

If you look at any disease, health concern or medical condition, you are likely to find inflammation at the root as an underlying cause.

According to some of the most interesting and progressive health writings by medical doctors, inflammation in of itself is actually a good thing in many cases. However, too much of a good thing is sure recipe for problems down the road, and excessive inflammation drives serious illnesses and even apparently terminal conditions.

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Heart Health & Physiology! Physical Alignment and Cardiovascular Health

Part 2 of Our Heart Series! Island Healthworks Explains The Relationship Between Heart Health & General Physiology

Heart Health is related to stomach alignment, pressure and even posture

Good Heart Function depends on Proper Body Alignment & Organ Function

The heart is an especially vital organ that we may take for granted. The heart can also be interfered with by other areas of the body due to misalignment. The stomach can affect the health of your heart and lead to pressure on the heart.  The mechanical structure of the stomach may become positioned too high, which may impede the proper function of the heart within the chest cavity.

The stomach’s position may therefore interfere with normal heart function by pressing on the lower chambers of the heart. This misalignment and tension is due to a stressed stomach which can result from emotional, physical or neurological conditions.

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