Acidity & Alkalinity Explained – For Human Health

Acidity & Alkalinity Can Determine the Condition of the Human Body

Acidity and alkalinity must be balanced for proper health - acid rain harms forests, and excesss body acidity harms health

Acid rain is bad for the planet; excessive acidity is most harmful to the body.

The human body depends on a proper biochemical balance for health. Key to our health is a balance between body acidity and alkalinity. Acidity and alkalinity has a profound impact on physical health. Many different kinds of acids influence the body, being produced as waste and existing as essential nutrients and digestive juices.

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Why Herbs? When Botany Meets Human Health

Herbs Have Great Potential When Understood & Used Correctly!

Herbal Formulations are subject to increasing scientific attention. Humans are adapted to benefit from many aspects of nature.

Herbs contain active ingredients that may consist of tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids and carotenoids. Chosen correctly, Adaptogenic and synergistic properties may be harnessed! Denis Prévôt Photo, March 20, 2011
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CC BY-SA 3.0

Human health and natural resources are closely linked.  As living beings well adapted to life on this planet, we have come to depend on sunlight, nutrients, fresh air and quality food with a proper nutrient balance. We are also adapted in a way that allows the use of natural herbs to support our health.

While food plants form an essential source of nutrients and life supporting natural compounds ranging from enzymes and minerals to chlorophyll and fiber, more concentrated nutrients, biologically active plant components and ingredients from herbs have exceptionally valuable applications. Herbs may deliver nutrients in a concentrated form, or catalyze beneficial processes and support human health through specific actions linked to their botanical makeup.

Given the importance of herbal health care considerations, Island Healthworks will take the opportunity to give you a proper snapshot of how herbs work and why it is so important to ensure they are used correctly. A herb is not just a herb, there are key factors that lead to potential benefits instead of a wasted opportunity if considered.

Herbs come from a diversity of plant types, including those familiar from gardens, forests and fields, species used in cooking, and lesser known wild crafted specialty herbs. Roots, leaves, stems, berries and juices are all among the plant parts may serve as the sources of herbal formulations. Originating from all over the world, herbal formulations have been central to traditional health care methods in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia, covering temperate and tropical environments alike. Each plant offers a specific biochemical makeup and set of properties. First Nations uses of herbs are paralleled in many modern formulations.

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Dandelion Herb – Looking Beyond The Lawn

Dandelion is a Detoxifying Herb with many Beneficial Properties

Dandelion is not just a weed, but a healing herb. Learn more with Island Healthworks.

Dandelion Herb Offers Many Health Benefits Including Liver Support

Often discouraged or ignored as a weed, dandelion is an effective herb with many health applications. This native of Europe is widely established in North America, growing in a wide range of sunny locations. Deriving its name from the French dentes de lion, which translates to “teeth of the lion”, this plant is actually a miniature member of the sunflower family.

The plant has been widely recognized as a herbal medicine for its ability to support a healthy bloodstream, enhance gallbladder function and assist in liver detox.  The plant has widely been enjoyed as a vegetable, while herbalists have considered dandelion to be a highly beneficial herb with potent nutritional content. It is the minerals and natural chemical components in the plant which are thought to work together to assist in the health of a range of body systems relating to digestion and biochemical processing.

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Botanical Synergy: How Combining Herbs Boosts Health Effects!

Formulations with Multiple Herbs offer Synergistic Benefits


Island Healthworks discusses the benefits of combined herbal preparations.

Ginseng is a Popular Adaptogenic Herb used in Synergistic Mixes

Plants cover a vast percentage of the Earth’s surface. While many species are cultivated as staple foods by humans or serve as forage for wildlife, a wide range of botanicals have specific properties that make them appropriate for therapeutic and health care use. Herbs have long been used in mainstream circles for social or health purposes. Tea, peppermint and chamomile are popular teas, while other herbs are used in cooking.

Medicinal herbs are used for short or sometimes longer term use depending on their application, and may be recommended by herbalists and other natural health care practitioners for their possible effects on body systems and symptoms.

A number of herbal products are thought to stabilize or regulate physiological and biological processes in the body  as adaptogens. The FDA accepts the concept of adaptogenic activity in theory, and research into the possible effects of different herbs as adaptogens is being further pursued in the medical community. Herbs in extract forms still contain multiple chemicals that provide counterbalancing effects that may benefit their influence on body systems or symptoms, potentially.

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Cancer & The Human Environment – Island Healthworks May 2014 Cancer Series Part 1!

 Cancer, Cellular Health & The Human Environment

Learn about Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention with Island Healthworks

Environmental Conditions Are a Key Factor in Cancer Prevention.

On the heels of Cancer Month, Island Healthworks is running a cancer prevention through cellular health education month!

  • This environmental health article address the connection between cancer, cellular health and ecology!
  • Our next two cancer and cellular health articles will explore physiology and diet.

Our goal at Island Healthworks is to leave public readers armed with a privileged degree of integrated knowledge in this highly important area of human health and wellness.

Cancer in its many forms is a notorious and growing threat to human health, wellness and longevity. Cancer is a disease at the cellular level with important biochemical and immune system components.

Growing levels of toxic exposures from environmental, dietary and chronic psychological stress factors constitute a threat to our health. Insufficient clean air, nutrients and regenerating time in nature are challenges facing those in urban or industrial environments.

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