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Hot Weather Health – Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips

Summer Conditions Affect Your Body. Handle Hot Weather Right to Maintain Health!

Vancouver Island natural health care provider Island Healthworks shares nutrition, lifestyle and wellness tips for summer

Nutritional support and ample hydration equips your body to handle summer heat. With Island Healthworks, Vancouver Island, BC

Health does not just depend on internal functioning and food intake. Our interaction with the changing environment in which we live profoundly affects our wellbeing. As Vancouver Island, BC based natural health care providers we frequently run into interesting and concerning ways the environment influences our health.

Throughout the seasons, our bodies must adapt to changing conditions that test our response to different types of stresses. There are two fundamental elements of natural health care and healthy living that we must consider in relation to our surrounding environment.

First, we must know which conditions are beneficial and which are likely to unduly stress us. Hot weather is especially challenging.

Second, we must take advantage of the most up to date knowledge on how to support our bodies with the right nutrition, proper exercise and lifestyle adjustments able to better prepare us for each challenge!

By maintaining our health and keeping ourselves in peak condition, we are more resilient when faced with environmental stress such as hot weather! By avoiding unnecessary stress from excess exposure to direct sunlight in hot weather or pollution, we increase our capacity for health and longevity. As summer heat increases our susceptibility to sunburn, whether in the mild Vancouver Island climate where we are located or elsewhere worldwide, our need for increased water intake to keep us hydrated, cool and able to gain nutritional delivery to each cell becomes especially important.

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Cardiovascular Health Depends upon Endothelial Cell Condition!

Cardiovascular disease is prevalent. Learn why endothelial cell health is critical!


Island Healthworks features this fascinating video discussing Dr. Esselstyn’s findings on the effects of a Western diet on endothelial cell survival! Findings are examined in relation to general cardiovascular health!

Cardiovascular disorders are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in North America. Health research indicates a variety of factors may be involved, many of them potentially addressable through the right lifestyle and health care choices.

In this special feature post, Island Healthworks gives you an inside view of the cellular biology behind many cardiovascular symptoms to equip you with the cutting edge knowledge you need to better protect yourself!

The truth about the health of your cardiovascular system takes a suprising turn when the link between endothelial cells in the circulatory system, nitric oxide and a standard western diet are considered.  In 1985, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn conducted whole foods, plant based diet studies with 24 participants. 6 participants dropped out, leaving 18, but of those 18, 11 showed halted progression of heart disease after angiograms, while 4 displayed evidence pointing to a reversal of the disorder.

Endothelial cells line the inside of the vast, sensitive cardiovascular system. If laid out, the endothelial cells in a healthy person would cover 6 to 8 tennis courts! Endothelial cells are critical to your cardiovascular health on a physiological and biochemical level. Identified in 1978 as producers of nitric oxide, these specialized cells release significant quantities of this gas that is often overlooked in its core importance next to oxygen.

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Make Work Outs Work for You: Exercise & Nutrition Tips from Island Healthworks

Exercise is Important to your Health, but Pursue Balance & Moderation!

Island Healthworks discusses exercise, fitness & work outs

Exercise is Essential for Health, and so is the Right Approach to Physical Activity – Creative Commons Use

Human beings developed the ability to handle extensive physical activity due to traditional lifestyles that included strenuous requirements to gather food and survive in challenging environments.

In a modern society, day to day physical pressures are often reduced, but the need for physical activity remains the same, whether you have a physical job or not! We are quite literally built for work and we suffer without it.

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Electrolytes, Minerals & Your Health

Minerals & Electrolytes for Body System Stability


Minerals have many important roles in the body. Island Healthworks discusses proper nutrition & electrolytes for better health.

Minerals are essential for proper cellular health & organ performance.

The human body is mostly water, and the rest appears to be tissue and bone made from a variety of components, which of course include water themselves.  There are many carbon, hydrogen and protein based organic compounds making up the human body, with organ functions and metabolic processes involving aldehydes, ketones and other organic chemical processes. Amongst these complex reactions, metallic elements and minerals scattered all across the periodic table interact and assimilate in the human body to carry out a wide variety of roles.

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Cholesterol Issues: A Closer Look with Island Healthworks

Cholesterol Management Involves Lesser Known Root Causes

Cholesterol buildup is related to Endothelial cell health & Inflammation - Island Healthworks

Arterial Cellular Health Limits Cholesterol Buildup

Cholesterol control is a major subject in popular health conversation, but it is often misunderstood as a subject. Cholesterol comes in both healthy and harmful forms known as High-density lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Cholesterol is distributed throughout the body and as a natural body component, it has important natural functions in the different organ systems. Cholesterol is both produced by the body and also sourced from food. Cholesterol management is not only a matter of regulating the diet but managing the physiological and biochemical processes that affect cholesterol regulation and its influences throughout the body. Continue reading

Hawthorn & Your Heart

Hawthorn: A Natural Cardiotonic

Hawthorn Berries May Support The Heart - Island Healthworks - Nature's Sunshine Products

Hawthorn Berries May Support The Heart

Hawthorn is a herb that has traditionally been used by those seeking  to address concerns affecting the heart in a natural manner.  This herbal supplement is derived from the berries of the hawthorn tree, familiar for its use in hedgerows, gardens  and wildlife refuges. Migratory birds and small mammals feed on the pulp rich berries, which contain a wide range of nutrients that also have potential benefits for humans. This herb has a lengthy history of use, with vitamin C and beneficial botanical compounds. The nutrients and active ingredients of this plant are of interest to natural health care practitioners treating palpitation, heart failure, high and low blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, and rapid pulse. The plant components are believed to have cardiotonic properties, which may strengthen the heartbeat, develop heart muscles and increase the flow of oxygen to the heart, according to scientific studies, including work featured by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Quality Control is an essential consideration when choosing herbal products.

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