Pollen, Hay Fever & Natural Histamine Control

High Pollen Counts Trigger Inflammation in Sensitive Individuals

Island Healthworks Discusses pollen Allergies, Causes & Mitigation - Grasses are a common trigger

Grasses and other Elements of Nature Are Common Allergens due to Pollen Release

Nature is essential for human health, yet pollen allergies present a growing challenge. In this spring feature article, Island Healthworks profiles the science behind pollen reactions in this feature article, implications of pollen reactions for general health. You can then discover our tips for addressing these factors in your life!

While your body is fortunately programmed to defend itself against foreign invaders, oversensitization of the immune system leads to a wide range of harmful impacts when ordinary matter is targeted. The results include significant levels of inflammation throughout the body tissues and organ systems.

The causes of allergies remain the subject of important further research, there is evidence that toxicity and excessive immune system reactivity through antibody formation play a key role in allergic processes. Addressing allergies can take three different paths. First of all, addressing potential allergic root causes is important, whether the root of an allergic response is linked to an overly sensitive immune system due to antibody interactions, or due to sensitization and increased body toxicity levels that impair immunity.

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The Gut Brain Connection & Digestion Explained

Digestion and gut health affect brain function through nutrient distribution and toxic metabolism

Special feature with scientific article links! Learn how the gut and brain are interconnected through nerves, friendly bacteria, digestion, nutrition and waste metabolism!

Digestive Health affects brain function - Island Healthworks

Digestion offers a prime example of how our body systems interconnect

The human body is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and glands that work together in harmony to carry out a vast range of essential functions. Our interconnected functions illustrate the foremost importance of an integrative view and approach to health.

The digestive system processes food into two necessary components, one vital for our health and the other requiring effective elimination. These are nutrients, and waste. Optimal digestive function first and foremost extracts as many nutrients as possible from our food. Optimal digestive function then prepares waste for elimination and then removes the waste. Finally, optimal digestion depends on both the health of the Digestive System, and what is put into this magnificent system. We must keep in mind the level of interconnection between the digestive system and other body systems.

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Cardiovascular Health Depends upon Endothelial Cell Condition!

Cardiovascular disease is prevalent. Learn why endothelial cell health is critical!


Island Healthworks features this fascinating video discussing Dr. Esselstyn’s findings on the effects of a Western diet on endothelial cell survival! Findings are examined in relation to general cardiovascular health!

Cardiovascular disorders are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in North America. Health research indicates a variety of factors may be involved, many of them potentially addressable through the right lifestyle and health care choices.

In this special feature post, Island Healthworks gives you an inside view of the cellular biology behind many cardiovascular symptoms to equip you with the cutting edge knowledge you need to better protect yourself!

The truth about the health of your cardiovascular system takes a suprising turn when the link between endothelial cells in the circulatory system, nitric oxide and a standard western diet are considered.  In 1985, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn conducted whole foods, plant based diet studies with 24 participants. 6 participants dropped out, leaving 18, but of those 18, 11 showed halted progression of heart disease after angiograms, while 4 displayed evidence pointing to a reversal of the disorder.

Endothelial cells line the inside of the vast, sensitive cardiovascular system. If laid out, the endothelial cells in a healthy person would cover 6 to 8 tennis courts! Endothelial cells are critical to your cardiovascular health on a physiological and biochemical level. Identified in 1978 as producers of nitric oxide, these specialized cells release significant quantities of this gas that is often overlooked in its core importance next to oxygen.

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Allergies, Immunity & Body Systems

Learn about Natural Histamine Control & Allergies with Island Healthworks

Island Healthworks Discusses Allergies, Causes & Mitigation - Grasses are a common trigger

Grasses and other Elements of Nature Are Common Allergens


Allergies present a growing threat to public health. Oversensitization of the immune system leads to adverse immune system responses that cause a wide range of harmful impacts including significant levels of inflammation throughout the body tissues and organ systems.

Allergies cause a wide range of symptoms and may lead to further complications. While causes of allergies remain the subject of important further research, there is evidence that toxicity and excessive reactivity of the immune system through antibody formation play a key role in allergic processes. Significant challenges may be experienced as a result of allergic exposures that are beyond our control.

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Health Nuggets: Immune System Support

How Can One Support the Immune System?

Learn more about immune function with Island Healthworks

The Immune System Draws on Many Sources to Fight Infection

Island Healthworks is again featuring an important article from our growing Health column archive collection!

Your immune system is programmed to respond efficiently with force against a wide range of intruders. However, the immune system is only as strong as the body and organ systems it forms a part of. Opportunistic pathogens exist within the body, while many other organisms enter the human body through chance encounters. The lymphatic system, blood cells and tissue barriers all form part of your resistance network that keep the body strong, responsive and less vulnerable to hostile organisms.

Proper lymphatic function ensures that waste is cleared away, while  blood cells are able to move quickly. In addition to nutrient supplying diets and reductions in stress through rest encouraging lifestyle habits,  judicious use of herbal supplements may prove helpful. IMM-C is used to support the body systems that promote immunity through nutrition, while HRP-C focuses on addressing detox and immune stimulation with possible benefits for herpes. Quality Control is an essential consideration when choosing herbal products.

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Healthy & Revitalizing Herbal Teas

Discover 7 Healthy Herbal Teas with Island Healthworks!

Rooibos Tea Plants Originate from Open African Habitats

The African “Red Bush” is the source of tantalizing, anti-oxidant rich Rooibos Tea

A warm drink brings relaxation to any winter day. Herbal teas offer health benefits as well as enjoyment and relaxation. Traditional tea has its own set of properties, but consider enjoying a broader range of infused warm drinks. The process of making and drinking tea is highly pleasurable, with a variety of flavors and effects to choose from. Some teas offer an immediate relaxing or energizing effect, while others provide a longer term set of benefits and effects on your body. Continue reading

Toxin Avoidance & Detoxification Support


Urban River - Robert Campbell

                          Reduce Toxicity Through Lifestyle and Herbal Approaches

     The environment humans exist within has always impacted our health, positively and negatively. Now, society faces fewer threats from contagious illnesses, poisonous plants or exposure, but more insidious chronic threats in the form of environmental pollution have permeated many aspects of our lives. Such environmental burdens stress the detoxification system to the limits, especially in the chemically sensitive.Pesticides are present in foods, while every piece of packaging material or breath of industrial air places a cumulative burden on our detoxification system.

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