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Encourage Weight Loss by Matching Health Choices with Body Type!

Learn about fitness, body type and how to harness and accomodate your natural adaptations through healthy lifestyle practies with Island Healthworks.

Fitness is about keeping our body in a state in line with our natural form for optimal function. Genetic factors, body type and lifestyle are core considerations for your physiological health.

Fitness is a big subject! Our muscles, organs and joints all benefit from proper weight management, while weight management can be supported by dietary choices that consider our individual metabolic traits. Our genetic makeup plays a huge role in our weight related predispositions.

As summer approaches, exercise comes to many people’s minds as a hot topic. The vacation season brings us a chance to start new patterns of activity that support our health. But exercise needs to be pursued one step at a time to avoid overuse injuries, in conjunction with proper nutritional choices to facilitate healthy living. Human potential is maximized by removing limits from ourselves rather than necessarily developing some significant new ability. What we tell ourselves is important as it is a potent form of self-feedback, affecting our body image and how we act.

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Daily Health Nuggets: Adrenal Support Tips

Did you Know: Environmental Stress Affects your Adrenals

The Endocrine System is Affected By Environmental Conditions

The Environment Influences Adrenal Health

The endocrine system is a lesser known but absolutely vital body system that supports many living things, ranging from fish to birds and of course, humans. Comprised of tissues, cells and hormonal chemicals, your endocrine system regulates slower, longer term body systems than your nervous system, which provides more immediate responses. As a result, endocrine system health is essential if the stability of body systems ranging from circulation and blood pressure to energy, immune function, digestion and fertility are concerned.

The endocrine system, which includes your adrenals, is influenced by external conditions and is designed to modulate the body’s function in accordance with environmental conditions. Unfortunately, our modern environment keeps us in a state of constant arousal that was originally intended for more isolated occurrences. Our own body chemicals such as cortisol can poison us in a manner similar to environmental pollutants and create numerous complications. Reducing stress by pursuing positive emotional experiences and focusing on self empowerment may help. In addition, healthy eating and the judicious use of herbal products may prove useful. To learn about the benefits of herbal Adrenal Support supplements,

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