Live Blood Cell Analysis at Island Healthworks

What is your Blood Really Telling you?

Oxygen Carrying Red Blood Cells are visible in Live Blood Cell Analysis

Red Blood Cells Distribute Oxygen throughout the Body, Maintaining Tissue Health. Image Source: Health Published under Creative Commons Licence ShareAlike 3.0 unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) )

A healthy blood stream makes for a healthy body. Our blood nourishes our cells, all tissues, organs and glands. Clearly, just having enough blood is not enough. It must be in great shape if you want to be healthy! Live Blood Cell Analysis at Island Healthworks gives us a window into the person’s nutritional needs, helping us to design a program and healthy lifestyle plan. A live blood sample gives valuable insight into the attributes of the blood terrain.

In the Live Blood Cell Analysis process, we use our state of the art microscopy equipment to conduct both a wet and dry blood cell analysis. To obtain the samples, we simply take a pinprick blood sample from your finger and place the drop of blood on a slide, and then place 8 separate drops on another slide to dry. Using a specially designed compound microscope, we magnify and project the image of the wet blood sample and the dry blood sample onto a computer screen, where we view the specific characteristics of the sample.

With the bloodstream underpinning every function of our body, a microscopy examined sample of the blood itself offers an invaluable look at our current lifestyle and nutritional needs. The health of your blood is central to the health of your cardiovascular system, but also relates directly to all other aspects of your health. When anomalies are noticed in a live blood sample, the observations give us relevant information to build a nutritional program tailored to the needs reflected in the blood terrain. The findings help to support improved health and lifestyle decision making.
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Skin Care Done Right Maintains Timeless Beauty and Returns Youthful Energy!

A newly available skin health program brings revitalization through advanced nutritional support!

These Before and After the Use of A New Revitalizing Skin Serum

Before and After Pictures Highlight the Potential of a New Revitalizing Skin Serum

Skin care done properly is essential if you want to look and feel your best.  Affected by multiple health factors, skin care and rejuvenation is a booming aspect of the health industry. The skin is a living and breathing organ that should be looked after daily.

Yvonne Dollard Perc of Island Healthworks would like to invite you to come in and try our new revitalizing skin programme! Our custom skin health approach consists of a 1 hour facial pressure relief session, application of a kelp mask and application of the skin rejuvenation serum.

The newly developed serum now offered by Island Healthworks contains a unique proprietary combination of scientifically formulated natural ingredients that address multiple elements of skin health in an unmatched manner. Integrative, synergistic approaches allow multiple benefits to occur at the same time.

Island Healthworks sources a newly developed serum to promote skin health

Before Serum Use (Left) and After 3 Weeks (Right)


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Butcher’s Broom – The Circulation Herb

Butcher's Broom supports circulation and provies minerals and flavenoids - Island Healthworks

Butchers’s Broom is traditionally used for circulation and provides valuable nutrients. Leonora Enkling Photo.

Circulation is essential to human health. The transportation of nutrients throughout the body and removal of toxins from body tissues depends on effective movement the bloodstream. Circulation requires healthy blood vessels including arteries and capillaries, while the composition of the blood and overall organ health is important in maintaining healthy circulation. In addition to a healthy diet and adequate exercise, certain herbs may prove useful in assisting you in your goal of optimizing circulation.

Butchers broomHas been traditionally used for circulation due to its ability to strengthen the physical components of the circulatory system the herb may reduce inflammation which is known impair circulation. In addition to the beneficial minerals contained in this herb such as Zinc and Iron. Butcher’s Broom also contains powerful plant-based chemicals known as flavonoids which may actually strengthen capillaries and bolster other elements of the circulatory system.

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Horsetail – The Strengthening Herb

Exceptionally Rich in Silica, Horsetail Preparations Support Bone, Skin, Hair & Nail Health

Horsetail may strengthen bones, skin, nails and hair. Island Healthworks

Horsetail is an Ancient Plant with the Highest Silica Content of All Herbs.

Horsetail offers a number of beneficial herbal properties that have the common theme of strengthening the body and regulating water retention in the body. Long known as a diuretic an astringent, horsetail may assist in addressing excessive water retention in the body and supporting better kidney and urinary tract health. Horsetail is often used for edema related swelling and associated inflammation due to excessive water retention in the cells. Through its astringent properties, Horsetail may promote tightening of the skin. Other reported properties of these plants, which may be made into tea or taken directly include wound healing and relaxing effects.

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