Secrets of Biological Beauty Building

Unexpected Nutrition Tips for Naturally Superior Beauty

The skin is our largest organ, known as the integumentary system. Here described by Island Healthworks, Yvonne Dollard Perc

The Complex Layers of the Human Skin – Our Integumentary System.

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Beauty is both a hot topic in the modern world and a concern of human beings since ancient times. However, beauty is not only an aesthetic concern; it is important to our self image and also, a strong indicator of our physical health, mental well being and biochemical condition. Beauty is not superficial, and neither should our approach to beauty be anything less than serious and biologically correct.

It is no surprise that truly natural approaches to beauty which nutrify the body are revolutionary. With respect to skin health, nourishing the body from within with natural chemical compounds arising from nutritional extracts and precise dietary components, rather than slathering artificial compounds on our skin are key. And this approach is not biologically correct. The saying “Beauty is only skin deep” is a grand lie, biologically speaking, but we act like it is true when it comes to cosmetic focused health care.

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Aloe Vera: A Desert Herb for Skin Health & Beauty

Desert Plant Offers a Healing Natural Gel for Injuries, Burns and Irritation

Aloe Vera herb supports healthy skin and healing - Island Healthworks

Aloe Vera Herb May Assist in Wound Healing and Skin Care

A member of the lily family, the Aloe Vera plant is a native of arid desert landscapes. Filled with a mineral and botanical active ingredient rich gel, this succulent survives drought by storing fluid inside each long, spiky leaf. Traditional uses of Aloe Vera include application of the gel straight from split open “leaves”, used for everything from sunburns to tissue damage and abrasions. The healing power of Aloe Vera also extends to cosmetic use, with properties that include soothing and softening the skin as well as providing a natural source of protection.  This herb contains proteolytic enzymes that break down dead tissues as well as nutrients that support healthy cellular division. The joint approach may therefore accelerate burn and wound healing.

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