Allergies, Immunity & Body Systems

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Island Healthworks Discusses Allergies, Causes & Mitigation - Grasses are a common trigger

Grasses and other Elements of Nature Are Common Allergens


Allergies present a growing threat to public health. Oversensitization of the immune system leads to adverse immune system responses that cause a wide range of harmful impacts including significant levels of inflammation throughout the body tissues and organ systems.

Allergies cause a wide range of symptoms and may lead to further complications. While causes of allergies remain the subject of important further research, there is evidence that toxicity and excessive reactivity of the immune system through antibody formation play a key role in allergic processes. Significant challenges may be experienced as a result of allergic exposures that are beyond our control.

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Toxin Avoidance & Detoxification Support


Urban River - Robert Campbell

                          Reduce Toxicity Through Lifestyle and Herbal Approaches

     The environment humans exist within has always impacted our health, positively and negatively. Now, society faces fewer threats from contagious illnesses, poisonous plants or exposure, but more insidious chronic threats in the form of environmental pollution have permeated many aspects of our lives. Such environmental burdens stress the detoxification system to the limits, especially in the chemically sensitive.Pesticides are present in foods, while every piece of packaging material or breath of industrial air places a cumulative burden on our detoxification system.

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