Ketosis: Weight Loss Through Metabolic Recovery

Ketosis Involves Switching from Carb Burning to Fat Burning for Better Health!


Island Healthworks discusses the weight loss benefits associated with ketosis, plus key nutritional & lifesytle considerations.

Ketosis enhancing diets contain protein, healthy fats, vegetables, nuts, seeds and low carbs to encourage the body to run on ketones, not simple carbs.

You are not just what you eat – what you eat affects how your body processes energy. How you process energy profoundly affects your physical condition. Healthy cells and organs, weight loss and vital energy are all defined by the state of your metabolism.

Most of us have adapted in a sort of personal evolutionary process to become dependent, read ‘hooked’ on carbs. As a result, we accumulate fat while relying on carbs, driving both weight gain, unstable blood sugar levels read ‘highs and lows’ in both mood and energy, and even stress on the nervous system and the creation of mental health pressures.

To improve your overall health, you can try a diet that raises ketone levels in your body and reduces carbohydrates  such as potatos, white rice, bread, buns, cookies, refined sugar and other simple carbohydrates. This approach causes the body to burn fat as your fuel instead of glucose for your energy source.  Island Healthworks recommends 70% fats and proteins, plus 20% mixed vegetables, and finally, 5% fruit, 5% carbs, since these last two items are so high in sugar. Fats should consist of non trans-fat, clean fats such as coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, olives and organic butter. Proteins intake should be comprised of nuts, seeds, beans and peas, eggs, fish, especially wild salmon and poultry. Carbs can consist of healthy foods such as organic potatos, quinoa, rice and millet in moderation.

Keep in mind that you should try to find organic products to the extent possible for your diet.

In a state of ketosis, the body burns fatty acids instead of carbs to create ketones as a replacement fuel for the liver glycogen stores that are being depleted. Deriving the name from the old German word Aketon, meaning acetone, ketones are organic compounds containing carbon and oxygen molecule groups. Their presence indicates alternative source of fuel is being utilized as a switch is flipped to enable a pure “fat burning for fuel mode” as discussed by health author and diet expert Kevin Geary.

Island Healthworks discusses the benefits of ketosis as a way to support weight loss, increase energy and stabilize blood sugar levels. Increased performance when exercising is a potential benefit of ketosis.

Ketosis increases energy & performance while supporting weight loss. The right protein shakes are an appropriate performance food compatible with a shift toward ketosis.

Running on ketones through the burning of fat, the body is able to operate both physical and mentally without relying on addictive, blood sugar destabilizing carbs and depending on glucose to such a detrimental extent.

There are three primary factors to consider when transforming your metabolic processes through ketosis.

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Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature

Nature Can Lift your Mood & Boost Your Health: So Ensure You Experience the Earth!


Island Healthworks discusses the ways humans benefit from time in nature at a physiological and psychological level - Purple Funch - Simon Pierre Barrette photo - May 22, 2011 - Used under CC licence BY-SA 3.0

Birdwatching engages the mind while bringing great relaxation and memories that last a lifetime. Purple Finch – Simon Pierre Barrette photo, May 22, 2011 – Used under CC licence BY-SA 3.0

Humans are part of nature and we exert a profound influence on the natural world. While much concern has focused on human impacts on forests, bird populations, water quality, air quality and endangered species, we ourselves are endangered in a different way. Without the proper access to nature that comes hand in hand with proper respect for nature, we face a variety of health challenges relating to a loss of benefits from the natural world.

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Electrolytes, Minerals & Your Health

Minerals & Electrolytes for Body System Stability


Minerals have many important roles in the body. Island Healthworks discusses proper nutrition & electrolytes for better health.

Minerals are essential for proper cellular health & organ performance.

The human body is mostly water, and the rest appears to be tissue and bone made from a variety of components, which of course include water themselves.  There are many carbon, hydrogen and protein based organic compounds making up the human body, with organ functions and metabolic processes involving aldehydes, ketones and other organic chemical processes. Amongst these complex reactions, metallic elements and minerals scattered all across the periodic table interact and assimilate in the human body to carry out a wide variety of roles.

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Blood Pressure Management & Your Health

Blood Pressure Affects many Body Systems. Learn with Island Healthworks!

Blood Pressure is affected by Blood Vessel & Blood Condition - Island Healthworks

Blood Pressure is influenced by Many Health & Lifestyle Factors

Blood pressure issues are increasingly well known conditions that affect a significant percentage of adults in North America. Unlike some conditions, it is hard to point to a single cause of high blood pressure, which is known as hypertension, or the rarer condition of hypotension, which involves excessively low blood pressure.

Blood is a fluid that delivers nutrients to different parts of the body, and also carries waste products away so they can be efficiently eliminated. The behavior of the blood in the circulatory system is akin to the behavior of water in a pipe. Without proper water intake and nutrients, blood flow patterns and blood pressure may be affected over time.

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Happy Holiday Wishes from Island Healthworks!

Happy Holidays - With Island Healthworks

Enjoy Relaxation and Regeneration Over the Holidays!

Enjoy Your Holiday Season and  A Big Thank You!


At Island Healthworks, we are grateful for all the support, encouragement and forces of success we have received through our valued customers and fellow members of the global community.

As we reach the end of 2014, we would like to celebrate our core achievements this year. We measure our achievement by the differences in peoples lives that we make and our impact on general knowledge and awareness in the health field. Our new Weekly Health Blogs have been read and shared by many users, while new approaches to health and meaningful community connections are worth celebrating.

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The Acid & Alkaline Balance in Your Body

Learn About Acid & Alkaline Body Conditions with Island Healthworks!

A healthy diet helps reduce excess acid forming chemicals in the body

Increased Vegetable Intake Helps Maintain Alkalinity in the Body


A vast range of chemical compounds can be measured in terms of their relative acidity or alkalinity. Acidity and alkalinity are measured on the PH (percent hydrogen) scale. The higher the concentration of hydrogen ions, the more acidic a given compound becomes. A PH of seven is neutral, while lower numbers are acid and higher numbers are alkaline.

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Make Work Outs Work for You: Exercise & Nutrition Tips from Island Healthworks

Exercise is Important to your Health, but Pursue Balance & Moderation!

Island Healthworks discusses exercise, fitness & work outs

Exercise is Essential for Health, and so is the Right Approach to Physical Activity – Creative Commons Use

Human beings developed the ability to handle extensive physical activity due to traditional lifestyles that included strenuous requirements to gather food and survive in challenging environments.

In a modern society, day to day physical pressures are often reduced, but the need for physical activity remains the same, whether you have a physical job or not! We are quite literally built for work and we suffer without it.

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Heart Health & Physiology! Physical Alignment and Cardiovascular Health

Part 2 of Our Heart Series! Island Healthworks Explains The Relationship Between Heart Health & General Physiology

Heart Health is related to stomach alignment, pressure and even posture

Good Heart Function depends on Proper Body Alignment & Organ Function

The heart is an especially vital organ that we may take for granted. The heart can also be interfered with by other areas of the body due to misalignment. The stomach can affect the health of your heart and lead to pressure on the heart.  The mechanical structure of the stomach may become positioned too high, which may impede the proper function of the heart within the chest cavity.

The stomach’s position may therefore interfere with normal heart function by pressing on the lower chambers of the heart. This misalignment and tension is due to a stressed stomach which can result from emotional, physical or neurological conditions.

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The Facts About Olive Leaf Extract: Health Nuggets

 Olive Leaf: Immune System Support & Circulatory System Tonic

Island Healthworks discuses Olive Leaf Extract , Immune Function & Antioxidants

Olive Leaf Extract may Support Circulation & Immune Function

Olive leaf extract is a lesser known component of a well known culinary plant. While olive fruits themselves and olive oil are enjoyed for their flavor and use in traditional Mediterranean cooking, Olive Leaf extract offers potential benefits as a health food supplement and herbal formulation. Olive Leaf extract is a herb frequently recommended for its potential to support immune system function by stimulating defence cell activity while also potentially weakening certain viruses according to research cited in herbal publications and medical studies looking at effects of herbs on infectious agents. Continue reading

Cholesterol Issues: A Closer Look with Island Healthworks

Cholesterol Management Involves Lesser Known Root Causes

Cholesterol buildup is related to Endothelial cell health & Inflammation - Island Healthworks

Arterial Cellular Health Limits Cholesterol Buildup

Cholesterol control is a major subject in popular health conversation, but it is often misunderstood as a subject. Cholesterol comes in both healthy and harmful forms known as High-density lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Cholesterol is distributed throughout the body and as a natural body component, it has important natural functions in the different organ systems. Cholesterol is both produced by the body and also sourced from food. Cholesterol management is not only a matter of regulating the diet but managing the physiological and biochemical processes that affect cholesterol regulation and its influences throughout the body. Continue reading