Nutrition & Detox Supports Balanced Biochemistry

Biochemistry Determines Cellular Health. Learn more about Nutrition & Detox with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks features biochemical roots of health at cellular, tissue & organ levels. Learn the basics of nutrition & detoxification.
Proper organ function starts at the cellular level. Macronutrients & micronutrients from a healthy diet must be available to each cell.

What does biochemistry mean for wellness?

Biochemistry is a big part of integrative health care! Our bodies are made up of water, minerals and many organic compounds that form our cells, tisues and organs while controlling the function of our body systems. Keeping our body’s chemistry in balance by limiting exposure to toxins and ensuring nutrient availability and absorption is essential. This is also achievable to a greater degree than we might expect.

The biochemistry of the human body is based upon the activity of countless chemicals including amino acids, proteins, catalyzing agents such as enzymes, sugars, ketones, major nutrient minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Core biochemical processes in the human body affect all of our organ systems and body fluids, affecting everything from skin health, energy levels and blood sugar levels to cardiovascular health and brain function. An imbalance in any nutrient level or a toxic exposure can cause a chain reaction that affects multiple body systems.

Integrative health care looks closely at biochemical imbalances, interruptions in metabolic processes, deficiencies, and toxicity in the human body in the interests of improving our health. Understanding several essential factors at even a layman’s level offers us a significant advantage in making proactive health care choices. Island Healthworks now features 6 key principles of environmental and dietary health and wellness in light of nutrition, detox and biochemical function.

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Weight Management, Body Types & Exercise Ideas!

Encourage Weight Loss by Matching Health Choices with Body Type!

Learn about fitness, body type and how to harness and accomodate your natural adaptations through healthy lifestyle practies with Island Healthworks.

Fitness is about keeping our body in a state in line with our natural form for optimal function. Genetic factors, body type and lifestyle are core considerations for your physiological health.

Fitness is a big subject! Our muscles, organs and joints all benefit from proper weight management, while weight management can be supported by dietary choices that consider our individual metabolic traits. Our genetic makeup plays a huge role in our weight related predispositions.

As summer approaches, exercise comes to many people’s minds as a hot topic. The vacation season brings us a chance to start new patterns of activity that support our health. But exercise needs to be pursued one step at a time to avoid overuse injuries, in conjunction with proper nutritional choices to facilitate healthy living. Human potential is maximized by removing limits from ourselves rather than necessarily developing some significant new ability. What we tell ourselves is important as it is a potent form of self-feedback, affecting our body image and how we act.

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Skin Care Done Right Maintains Timeless Beauty and Returns Youthful Energy!

A newly available skin health program brings revitalization through advanced nutritional support!

These Before and After the Use of A New Revitalizing Skin Serum

Before and After Pictures Highlight the Potential of a New Revitalizing Skin Serum

Skin care done properly is essential if you want to look and feel your best.  Affected by multiple health factors, skin care and rejuvenation is a booming aspect of the health industry. The skin is a living and breathing organ that should be looked after daily.

Yvonne Dollard Perc of Island Healthworks would like to invite you to come in and try our new revitalizing skin programme! Our custom skin health approach consists of a 1 hour facial pressure relief session, application of a kelp mask and application of the skin rejuvenation serum.

The newly developed serum now offered by Island Healthworks contains a unique proprietary combination of scientifically formulated natural ingredients that address multiple elements of skin health in an unmatched manner. Integrative, synergistic approaches allow multiple benefits to occur at the same time.

Island Healthworks sources a newly developed serum to promote skin health

Before Serum Use (Left) and After 3 Weeks (Right)


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Make Work Outs Work for You: Exercise & Nutrition Tips from Island Healthworks

Exercise is Important to your Health, but Pursue Balance & Moderation!

Island Healthworks discusses exercise, fitness & work outs

Exercise is Essential for Health, and so is the Right Approach to Physical Activity – Creative Commons Use

Human beings developed the ability to handle extensive physical activity due to traditional lifestyles that included strenuous requirements to gather food and survive in challenging environments.

In a modern society, day to day physical pressures are often reduced, but the need for physical activity remains the same, whether you have a physical job or not! We are quite literally built for work and we suffer without it.

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Brain Function, Nutrition & Your Diet – Must Know Tips from Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks Looks at Connections Between Brain Function & Nutrition

Learn about Mental Health, Brain Function & Nutrition - With Island Healthworks

Brain Health Requires Proper Nutritional Support

The Brain is an organ like many other body components. The complexity of this organ and the interconnection of the brain with other elements of the nervous system and the endocrine system requires extensive nutritional support to maintain proper brain function.warming and cooling neutransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are synthesized in the body from amino acid based proteins.

The structure of the brain includes intricately connected sets of electrical circuits, neurotransmitters, chemical pathways and insulating fatty compounds. Different parts of the brain control distinct but interconnected body functions at conscious and unconscious levels.

In turn, proper brain function is related to a proper combination of organic and inorganic nutrients. Different food groups are associated with different nutrient types. Electrical current transmission and information distribution in the brain and neurotransmitter responses depends on proper amino acid levels and mineral cofactors.

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Plankton Matters: The Unique Potential of Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton!

Are all Plankton Supplements the Same? Learn About Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton

Island Healthworks discusses Marine phytoplankton and potential benefits

Supporting Oceanic Biodiversity & Human Nutritional Gains Alike, Marine Phytoplankton offers an Incredible Wealth of Nutrients in a Safe, Bioavailable Manner.


An exciting new development in natural health care is drawing increased attention. Well suited to addressing the modern challenges of increased environmental toxicity and nutrient depletion with potential relevance to increased chronic health complaints, Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton offers a wide range of potential values for human health. Filled with a vast range of nutrients, Marine Phytoplankton is the source of primary productivity for the Earth’s oceans and the underlying food source for fish, invertebrates and even Blue Whales, Earth’s largest animal. Phytoplankton contains a vast range of proteins, minerals, fatty compounds and chlorophyll , among other compounds that teem with nutrients. Being low on the food chain, Marine Phytoplankton is also free of the toxicity that accompanies larger life forms and nutrient sources such as fish or even meat based dietary components.

Not just any marine phytoplankton is recommended by Island Healthworks, however. Humans need the nutrients in marine phytoplankton, an optimal potential food source, but we are not adapted to extract the nutrients form the hard cell walls in each phytoplankton organism. The hard silica coating cannot be digested by a species lacking the enzyme silicase.  Vancouver Island based Marine Engineer Tom Harper has developed a patent pending process that actually breaks the silica shell and makes the nutrients biologically available to humans (not all products that claim to contain marine phytoplankton actually have it). People may confuse regular algae with the true microscopic super food, Marine Phytoplankton. There are also some products with Marine Phytoplankton that still contain the protective silica wrap found in these microorganisms, and are not effectively assimilated by the human body.  Island Healthworks offers SolarStrips™ with Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton. Contact us for further information.

This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health. 

Article Prepared by Christopher M. Stephens, Content Writer & Communications Manager for Island Healthworks

With Yvonne Dollard Perc, MH, ID, SC, KN, NC, AC of Island Healthworks

Make Work Outs Work for You – Part 1! Exercise & Nutrition Tips from Island Healthworks

Exercise is Important to your Health, but Pursue Balance & Moderation!

Island Healthworks discusses exercise, fitness & work outs

Exercise is Essential for Health, & to is the Right Approach to Physical Activity

Human beings developed the ability to handle extensive physical activity due to traditional lifestyles that included strenuous requirements to gather food and survive in challenging environments.

In a modern society, day to day physical pressures are often reduced, but the need for physical activity remains the same, whether you have a physical job or not! We are quite literally built for work and we suffer without it.

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L-arginine – The Cardiovascular Amino Acid

Improve Cardiovascular Health & Endurance with L-Arginine

Island Healtthworks discusses L-arginine amino acid & potential benefits

L-arginine is an amino acid compound that may support cardiovascular health!

Amino Acids are core building blocks in all living organisms. Comprised of complex organic chemicals, these protein forming compounds may trigger a range of beneficial effects when used therapeutically  as dietary supplements. L-Arginine is an amino acid that has been widely investigated and recommended by health researchers conducting multiple clinical studies. Highlighted in a 1998 Nobel Prize winning study, L-Arginine is best known for its ability to convert into nitric oxide. This chemical compound relaxes blood vessels and improves flow to vital organs. This may reduce stress on the heart.

According to the National Institute of Health, L-Arginine is often used for a variety of circulation, coronary artery and heart health related considerations. The amino acid is thought to have potential in the area of athletic performance enhancement, immune system support, blood flow and kidney health. L-Arginine contains a complex set of chemicals that support nourishment of tissues and organ systems through protein formulation. This building block is highly prevalent in healthy sources of meat, fish and vegetables. L-Arginine is becoming increasingly popular as a supplement due to its potential for supporting cardiovascular health.

Those experiencing challenges with circulation or bloodstream health may want to try L-Arginine through supplementation and appropriate dieting. In addition, L-Arginine may also be used by those seeking natural performance enhancement, circulation support and energy during exercise. Human growth hormone stimulation and muscle building are additional areas of research interest regarding L-arginine. Our upcoming article on how to make working out work better for you will feature the importance of L-Arginine in addition to balanced exercise practices. Island Healthworks recommends the use of Quality Controlled dietary supplements.

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Discover New Marine Phytoplankton Solar Strips!

Island Healthworks Presents a Revolutionary Natural Health Product!

Marine Phytoplankton contains a vast range of nutrients that may offer health benefits - Island Healthworks

Marine Phytoplankton offers an Incredible Wealth of Nutrients in a Safe, Bioavailable Manner.

Two growing problems are facing our food supply and the environment we live in. Decreasing nutrient levels in our foods combine with increased levels of toxins in our world. The question of how to increase nutrient levels in our diets while reducing exposure to toxins is a high priority in modern society.

Worldwide depletion of nutrients in soils reduces the availability of many essential nutrients, trace elements and organic compounds essential for human health. Fertilizer and pesticide use has come under increasing scrutiny by environmental scientists due to concerns over food toxicity and increased growth rates at the expense of nutrient content.

Marine Phytoplankton contains a unique combination of plant based minerals, cellular fibers, essential fatty acids, trace elements, proteins and amino acids. Marine phytoplankton is unique because it is a complete food that offers an incredible range of complete nutrients as the baseline item in the marine food chain. By exploiting nutrients sourced directly from the ocean through phytoplankton use, soil content depletion can be bypassed!

There is an additional factor that puts marine phytoplankton in the elite tier of safety as well as nutrient value. Being so low on the food chain prevents bioaccumulation and biomagnification. Ecologists have long warned about the human health benefits of eating lower on the food chain due to rising levels of pollution. As organisms feed on other organisms, toxins accumulate in their bodies.
As one progresses to higher ranking species in a food web, increasing levels of toxins are found due to higher exposure levels. Marine Phytoplankton is the most basic form of life one can find. With such a low rank, the plankton has extremely limited levels of toxin accumulation while magnification through the food web is next to zero.

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Daily Health Nuggets: Toughen Up with Collatrim

Collatrim May Reduce Weight & Promote Greater Strength


Balancing Fat with Muscle is Healthy - Collatrim

Avian Forms Define Fat & Muscle Balance – Mike Baird Photo

The human body is a machine, carefully adapted to specific environments in a subtle manner through natural selection. Asking any aircraft designer about successful operation will get you this answer: Reduce weight but maintain strength and rigidity, with flexibility where needed. Not a herb, but rather, a bovine derived nutritional supplement, Collatrim contains nutrients that support your ligaments, tendons and muscles with the potential for improved strength and performance. While herbs mays stimulate certain body systems to act in a manner that supports certain health goals,  Collatrim may directly support an increase in tendons, muscles and ligaments while promoting increased performance and weight loss.

The high amino acid content in Collatrim is more concentrated than the nutrients found in ordinary foods. Countless “birdmen” discovered that birds have a far greater muscle and tendon strength to weight ratio than humans. However, those who simply feel that they fall below a healthy standard for the average human body may be interested in natural products that might improve “specifications”. Island Healthworks only recommends Quality Controlled Products to herb and supplement users.

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