We believe that knowledge is the power to change your health and life! During your assessment, you will learn what (and why) certain things are happening in your body.

As Yvonne discovers the different anomalies in your blood, iris, and on the scan, she will consult with you on your lifestyle, eating habits, genetic weaknesses, types of food, exercise and nutrition that all affect your health and wellness. Yvonne will explain her findings in great detail, thoroughly addressing every concern and making sure you fully understand your body's needs and requirements.

You will receive a personal program which consists of a specific herbal discipline and/or preparation. You will have a uniquely tailored nutritional and supplement program including foods you should eat or stay away from. Yvonne will also prescribe a detoxification program to help eliminate your body's toxins and contaminants and set you up for a clean system that is ready to heal itself.

Your consultation will end with Acutherapy bodywork to unblock energy flow. Together we will balance your chemistry, aid digestion and increase your energy and vitality! We provide you with the proper materials, knowledge, tools and environment to help your body heal and return to optimum health.