Our top sellers work in synergy to strengthen bones and support the skeletal system. For the very best results, purchase all 3 and receive a 10% discount plus free shipping!


Cal-Mag Plus

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus all work together for healthy bones and teeth. Researchers have shown that taking calcium supplements at night helps to balance calcium levels in the blood, reducing the risk of calcium deficiency and osteoporosis.


Skeletal Strength

Skeletal Strength is a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement formulated to nourish the structural system of the body. The formula contains a wide range of nutrients known to benefit the structural system, as well as the nutritive herbs horsetail, parsley and valerian.


Magnesium Complex

Magnesium Complex provides two types of the best-absorbed forms of this important mineral. Magnesium is essential for calcium absorption, as well as for every biological function, including glucose metabolism, production and balance of cellular energy, and muscle function. Magnesium, also known as the "antistress" mineral, is a vital catalyst in enzyme activity.

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Supporting Products


Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is vital to the health of your skeletal and immune systems. The body manufactures this essential vitamin through sun exposure, making it difficult to obtain adequate amounts of vitamin D during the cloudy winter months in the Northern hemisphere or when sunscreen is used.



Collatrim is a product containing bovine collagen—the fibrous protein in bones, tendons and connective tissues. Is a source of the non-essential amino acids alanine, arginine, glycine and proline involved in protein synthesis. Helps to reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.


EverFlex with Hyaluronic Acid

EverFlex benefits the structural system and supports healthy joints. It offers the nutritional advantages of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronic acid combined with the herb devil’s claw. Helps to relieve the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.