Your Incredible Nervous System

Your body relies entirely on your nervous system for the operation of all other systems. Different from other body systems that have one or two functions, the nervous system is a hype of activities.

Your nervous system is in full command of everything happening in your body, whether voluntary or involuntary. The system sends signals to every part of the body for different activities.

What is the Nervous System?

The nervous system, in a simple definition, is a network of nerves and nerve cells called neurons that send signals to and from the body parts from the system. The system, which is at the center of every physical and mental activity is sensitive to environmental changes. The system then responds to environmental changes accordingly through its receptors and with the help of the endocrine system.

Amazing Facts of the Nervous System

Your brain utilizes the most energy of the entire body energy than any other organ. It accounts for energy usage of 20% in sending signals and nerve cell maintenance.

The speed of the fastest neurons, the alpha motor of the spinal cord, is 268 mph. The slowest is the skin's neural receptors at one mph.

The nerve cells do not go through cell division like other cells, and neither do they repair or regenerate. It is not possible to reverse a damaged neuron. However, other neurons adapt to the functions of the damaged one.

The largest nerve is called the sciatic nerve. It is the nerve of the toe that connects to the spinal cord.

The Two Parts of the Nervous System

The nervous system has two different parts that work together harmoniously to serve the entire body in all the sensory and motor activities. They are the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

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