Yvonne Dollard Perc, MH, ID, SC, KN, NC, AC of Island Healthworks offers an integrative approach to natural health care, applying the most current natural health care knowledge to create the best possible outcome for your wellness and lifestyle.

Her integrative perspective on the human body, live blood analysis, proper nutrition, herbal health care, ketogenic supplementation, bodywork and lifestyle factors takes all the key points into consideration to transform your wellness and quality of life.

Phone Consultations
30 Minutes: $55 +GST
1 Hour: $90 +GST
Includes an individualized health care program & lifestyle plan with up to 20% off recommended herbal supplements.

In Person Consultations
2 Hours: $200
Follow Up: $150
Includes Live Blood Analysis, Zyto Body Scan, Iridology and Sclerology assessment plus an indepth, personalized health care plan.

Gift Certificates
90 Minutes: $120
90 Minutes with herbal program and body work: $500
Customized gift certificates available upon request.