• High-quality, ultra-filtered, undenatured whey protein isolate which helps build and repair body tissues
  • 20 grams of protein per serving
  • Provides 2 grams of phytosterols per serving which helps lower blood total and LDL cholesterol
  • A unique nutritional formula enriched with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • Lactose and gluten free, not artificial sweeteners and a pleasant vanilla flavour

How It Works:

The IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support Whey Protein Shake blends heart-healthy phytosterols with ultra-filtered, lactose-free, undenatured whey protein isolate. This unique formula is a source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis which assists in the building of lean muscle mass, when combined with regular training and a healthy balanced diet. With the addition of plant phytosterols it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and helps lower total blood and LDL cholesterol. The formula has also been enriched with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for the repair and maintenance of good health.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 Scoops (1 serving) once daily. 2 Scoop = 47g. Mix two level scoops (47g) with approximately 250 mL of cold water, or mix to taste. Scoop is provided.