What is Your Blood Really Telling you?


A healthy bloodstream makes for a healthy body. Our blood nourishes our cells, all tissues, organs and glands. Clearly, just having enough blood is not enough. It must be in great shape if you want to be healthy!

With the bloodstream underpinning every function of our body, a microscopy examined sample of the blood itself offers an invaluable look at our current lifestyle and nutritional needs. The health of your blood is central to the health of your cardiovascular system, but also relates directly to all other aspects of your health. When anomalies are noticed in a live blood sample, the observations give us relevant information to build a nutritional program tailored to the needs reflected in the blood terrain. The findings help to support improved health and lifestyle decision making.

A properly functioning bloodstream is foundational to our cardiovascular, immune, urinary, lymphatic, nutrient delivery, nervous system, digestive and a myriad of other bodily functions. Our red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the body. Our energy and vitality depend on enough red blood cells being present and in proper working order. We have approximately 500 to 700 red blood cells for every white blood cell in our bloodstream. Our white blood cells, known as macrophages ("big eaters") in Latin are responsible for immune function and bloodstream cleanup. With excessive acidity and a decrease in white blood cell counts, infection and inflammation, the root cause of all disease are more likely to occur.

Furthermore, having healthy blood cells and terrain reduces stress on the cardiovascular system and may limit cardiovascular strain. Live Blood Cell Analysis gives a picture of the red blood cell behavior so that you can take action to improve circulation and bloodstream health. There are many rewards to gain from better bloodstream health. Proper blood flow aids capillary function, enhancing nutrient delivery to the whole body, including the skin, improving its youthful appearance and increasing oxygen flow.

Live Blood Cell Analysis gives you a look at the health of your bloodstream so that you can make healthier choices and reduce potential immune system stressors more swiftly. 

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021