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Fitness is about keeping our body in a state in line with our natural form for optimal function. Genetic factors, body type, and lifestyle are core considerations for your physiological health.

Fitness is a big subject! Our muscles, organs, and joints all benefit from proper weight management, while weight management can be supported by dietary choices that consider our individual metabolic traits. Our genetic makeup plays a huge role in our weight-related predispositions.

As summer approaches, exercise comes to many people's minds as a hot topic. The vacation season brings us a chance to start new patterns of activity that support our health. But exercise needs to be pursued one step at a time to avoid overuse injuries, in conjunction with proper nutritional choices to facilitate healthy living. Human potential is maximized by removing limits from ourselves rather than necessarily developing some significant new ability. What we tell ourselves is important as it is a potent form of self-feedback, affecting our body image and how we act.

Weight is not a completely simple aspect of our health, but it is one that we have an important ability to influence. Our weight is influenced by physical, psychological, and biochemical factors with roots in genetics, diet, lifestyle and environmental surroundings, and even personal outlook and body image. 

By maintaining a proper balance of exercise and healthy dietary habits, we are better able to absorb nutrients and reduce the accumulation of toxins. Your body needs energy and nutrients in a bioavailable form with a balance of fiber, protein, and easily assimilated healthy fats. As noted in our previous article, inflammation is the root cause of all dis-ease

At the same time, digestion is an overarching consideration that affects literally every aspect of our health. Ensuring that nutritional value is gained while waste is minimized and swiftly removed from the body is what proper digestion provides. The wrong fats, low nutrient "filler" food, excessive sugar, and refined products or food with additives take energy to digest while offering little nutrition in return. Weight gain can occur as toxins are stored in our fat while a poor diet contributes to metabolic impairment. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals prevalent in our environment can be avoided to an extent through the right choices, limiting yet another source of metabolic and biochemical impairment.

All are interconnected where body systems are concerned. Once we have addressed the effects of diet and genetic tendencies on our weight, we can learn how weight affects the rest of our body. Our weight influences everything from stress on our muscles and joints, metabolism, activity levels, heart health, respiratory system, hormones, and ability to manage our energy levels, detoxification, and nutrient uptake. Our heart has to work harder when we gain too much weight, while blood sugar levels and weight problems are known to be connected as primary factors in the diabetes epidemic. 

Exercise supports the development of our muscles while encouraging the burning of fat and flushing the lymphatic system. Our body can build on its own strengths, supported by nutrition and environmental support, to promote health or fall into patterns that contribute to a cycle that limits our health. Healthy weight differs according to body types. Ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs have varying builds – there is no generic perfect weight, but one that is suited to your body.

Healthy weight differs according to body types. Ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs have varying builds – there is no generic perfect weight, but one that is suited to your body.

Carefully selected under sound guidance, the right quality-controlled herbal formulations, supplements, and dietary approaches can play distinctly important roles in supporting vibrant health. Herbal formulations can support biochemical, metabolic, and digestive functions that are intimately tied to weight gain. Yvonne highlights the importance of an individualized approach to integrative health care. 

Each body is unique, and different root causes may underlie given health challenges. The right dietary approach and herbal formulations can support the digestive system itself while delivering essential resources to our entire body system as the digestive system reaches its full potential. Probiotics and a healthy gut flora discourage a weakening in the digestive process. The right raw materials establish a healthy body. The strength of each cell can be traced to what we put in our body every day as genetic potential for fitness is maximized, and genetic weaknesses in the area of weight management are mitigated by the right dietary choices. Consulting an integrative health care professional allows the best approach to be found efficiently without loss of opportunities.

In many cases, human potential is not about striving for something that is really beyond our reach. It is about removing the limiting factors to achieving our health and avoiding the triggers that may cause potential weaknesses to become a reality. 

Genetic weaknesses combine with environmental, physical, and emotional stress to encourage weight gain. Being prone to endocrine imbalances, for example, means that we should pay attention to detoxification and proper nutritional support to limit hormone-driven weight gain, while allergic tendencies may point to weight gain possibilities caused by inflammation. But these kinds of factors can be considered in our daily lives and approaches to supplementation and dietary planning choices. Telling ourselves, we will be active, but the right nutrients in our body and keep toxins out to the extent possible will do great things for our health and body image!

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This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health. 

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