Treating Summer Health Conditions Naturally


In the high heat of summer, it's extremely important to find a state of balance in your body's temperature. Many people are living in air-conditioned homes as a solution ti the heat, but what isn't being taken into consideration is how hard air-conditioned environments are on the human body and it's systems; especially on our respiratory system. The act of going through the hot outdoors, then escaping into different air conditioned environments puts an immense amount of stress on your body because it's not designed to be regulating those two extreme environments. Did you know that bacteria and viruses also thrive better in cool environments? And the act of going from a hot outdoor environment into a cool air-conditioned environment puts your immune system in a vulnerable state, leaving you more susceptible illness. It's highly recommended to only use air-conditioners when absolutely necessary, and instead to keep your windows open and use fans to create a balanced airflow through out your home. If your respiratory system is being challenged this season, Fenugreek & Thyme will really help you, and for your hard to handle summer allergies, we offer three fantastic herbal combinations to help you get some relief, the natural way; Hista Block, AL-J, and AL-C are all available in our shop!

The late half of summer can become extremely hot, and spending any extended time in the heat can have very serious and harmful affects on the body. Pay attention to the signs of too much heat exposure, as increased body temperature can cause heavy sweating, clammy skin, dehydration, tiredness, crankiness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramping, and a quick/weak pulse.

Do what you can to stay cool and hydrated when you're being exposed to the heat, and make sure you drink at least half your bodies weight in ounces of water each day! A great essential oil to carry with you this summer is pure Peppermint Oil because it works as a fantastic cooling agent. Dab a few drops on the back of your neck, or add it to your water to make the water even more refreshing!

With the heat, often comes the dry, so if you're finding that you're overheated an experiencing dryness this season, you can make a great homemade relief oil by using;

This oil blend will give your skin a deep hydration as well a calming and cooling affect!

Also, If you find yourself exposing your skin to the sun a lot this summer, you can make an amazing After Sun Healing Gel by mixing together;

This gel is perfect for healing sunburns. The Silver Gel and aloe encourage skin cell development and a soothing sensation. It's also an ideal healing gel for those who frequently suntan and are interested in maintaining the health of their skin cells.

Enjoy your summer, be smart, and be safe!

Island Health Works is proud to offer the highest quality controlled products on the market. Visit our shop to view some of our best sellers! This blog is for educational purposes only. 

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Friday, 25 June 2021