Investing in Health Now reduces Medical Expenses Further Down the Road.

Economics may be considered a dark art, but the connections between our economy and public health are strikingly clear! The language that includes terms like rates of return, loss prevention, cost avoidance, wise budgeting and investment are applicable to public health. A quick review of nutritional education opportunities shows growth potential for public learning and lots of professional development in these areas. A glance at health care expenditures shows staggering expenses in the billions dedicated not only to the construction of new hospitals across North America, increased use of emergency treatments and rising medication expenses. Individual diseases such as diabetes are costing billions of dollars, including conditions that may have genetic roots, but seem to be linked to addressable public health matters such as exercise, alcohol overuse or high refined sugar intake. 

Dr. Preston Maring, Associate Physician in-chief for the Oakland, California based Kaiser Permanente East Bay Medical Center, sees much of North American Health care "as a sort of pyramid" In an interview with Organic Connections, he explained "At the base of the pyramid you have primary care, and at the top of the pyramid you've got the complicated care. Our healthcare system struggles to find enough money to pay for all of the care throughout that pyramid, but there doesn't seem to be enough money to cover it all. I believe that if good food were solidly under the base of the pyramid as a foundation, and if our people were able to eat healthier food throughout their lives, there would be enough money to pay for healthcare, because we would reduce the disease burden of those at the base of the pyramid who otherwise wouldn't get as sick and require as much complicated care at the top."

A walk on a forest path refreshes the mind and body Island Healthworks agrees that further investment in diet and lifestyle should be a primary, not secondary approach to health care. Increased economic activity may result from high use of medical services, but the primary result of inadequate health and wellness investment is a national burden caused by reduced productivity and high health care costs. Access to nature and parks offers huge benefits to the mind and body. As a result, health care cost reduction has been listed as a potential source of "revenue" from natural capital represented by forests, beaches and open spaces. Concerns around high carbohydrate, sugar and trans-fat containing diets are increasingly raised, in addition to the toxic burdens from certain pesticides and additives. Billions are being spent on ""preventable chronic diseases"", a figure that amounts to three-quarters of health care spending, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Choosing the right herbs for your purposes is important. Island Healthworks only recommends the use of Nature's Sunshine Herbs and Supplements.

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Friday, 23 April 2021