Healthy Fats Affect Weight, Cardiovascular, Skin & Brain Health

We may try to limit fats as a threat to our belt lines. However, a selective approach must be taken to optimize health. 

Some compounds must be welcomed, as they are required in abundance for strong tissues, healthy skin and sound brain function. These fats are key to healthy metabolism, heart health and vibrancy. The wrong types pose major threats to our health. To limit weight gain, one must incorporate beneficial, nutritious oils in the diet while limiting the intake of harmful types. It is really that simple in many cases. 

Poor choices may cause far more damage than simple weight gain. A failure to incorporate the right oil based nutrients may be to blame for many health problems. Studies indicate that trans-fats found in processed, deep fried food products may impact brain function and even cause increased aggression in humans. While the human body is mostly water, our cells and organs depend on fatty compounds. These greasy chemicals composed of hydrogen and carbon compounds include the so-called "essential or indispensable" fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the body. The brain requires them to maintain healthy cell structures, while the transmission of neurological signals depends on the availability of insulating fatty compounds which may form up to 40 percent of the Myelin sheathing system. 

To provide your body with the right fatty compounds in correct amounts, ensure that your diet provides sufficient sources. Fish and many vegetable oils contain high quantities, along with algae based supplements. However, supplementation with additional types and quantities of essential fatty acids can further support healthy body systems. Super Omega 3 Oil and Flax Seed Oil, available from Island Healthworks, assists in maintaining a proper fat balance. 

At the same time, Lecithin from Island Healthworks can be used to assist in the body's natural elimination of harmful fats that we invariably encounter in our diet. Lecithin also assists in maintaining the strength of the myelin sheathing. Lecithin is also an antioxidant, and may assist in weight loss. This product is believed to help in reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis. By reducing exposure to harmful, deep fried compounds, margarine or other modified compounds while utilizing healthy fats and natural metabolism products such as Lecithin you may benefit greatly. 

You can significantly improve your health in the areas of weight management, brain function, skin appearance and organ health with the right fat choices. 

Healthy Fats and Your Health Part I
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Friday, 23 April 2021