E-Tea, for Superior Anti Inflammatory and General Wellbeing


E-Tea is a modern herbal preparation widely believed to have older origins. This formulation became popular in the mid-1900s through the work of American Nurse, who credited an Ojibwa medicine man as the provider of the original herbal mix. E-tea contains premium quality Burdock Root, known to herbalists as an anti-inflammatory and infection-fighting herb, while Slippery Elm Bark is widely recommended for soothing the digestive system. Included Turkey Rhubarb is used for gastrointestinal complaints, while Sheep Sorrel, a key ingredient with high phytoestrogens may have tonic properties and detox potential. This formulation has been studied for its potential use in a range of medical circumstances.

Those experiencing inflammation, as discussed in our last article, HIV, leukemia, chronic acne, cancer, liver challenges, multiple sclerosis, thyroid issues, viral conditions, and many degenerative illnesses may find this dietary supplement helpful. 

Two capsules of E-Tea is equivalent to two ounces of the traditional mix. E-Tea may be taken as a capsule but using hot water to make a flavorful and revitalizing tea may bring you the best results. You may find this herbal supplement to be helpful in improving your overall wellness, with potential digestive support and tonic properties. Quality Control is an essential consideration when choosing herbal products. Do not use while pregnant or nursing without consulting your medical professional.

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