Inflammation, Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention


May is Cancer Month and Island Healthworks is highlghting cancer prevention through cellular health all month.

  • This diet and lifestyle article addresses the connection between cancer, physiology, and organ health!
  • Our previous cancer and cellular health article addressed cancer prevention, lifestyle, and diet.

Numerous interconnected body systems are involved in keeping the body relatively cancer-free as we go about our daily lives.

Dis-ease literally spelled out occurs when the body systems go out of balance for any reason and are no longer working in harmony. "Mind, body and spirit" interactions are interconnected through the endocrine system and nervous system. In order to have a better chance of resisting cancerous conditions, a multi-pronged health and lifestyle approach is to bolster your body's resilience.

Proper exercise, healthy circulation, and lymphatic system function are essential. Ample water intake is essential for your health as chronic dehydration leads to an immeasurable number of problems, including nutrient loss, cellular weakness, and increased acidity. Inflammation is recognized in the broader medical community as the underlying cause of disease in general. Inflammation leads to irritation of cells and chemical chain reactions that may even lead to increased carcinogenic conditions, according to Cancer Research UK, while stress may lead to endocrine disruption and cellular glucose metabolism challenges.

Cancer risks increase when cellular nutrient delivery, detoxification, and energy become compromised in any way.

If your detoxification ability is less than average, you may be affected by toxins more than the next person. Cancer could be one result. As a result, you may need to compensate by increasing levels of detox aiding nutrients and antioxidants while reducing exposure.

Looking at your body as a collection of cells may make you stop and pause for a moment in your life to consider how what you are putting in your body affects you. Assess the ways your environment, genetics, and body system vulnerabilities affect you in every decision when it comes to long term health planning.

Massage, bodywork, and acutherapy may be helpful in fine-tuning your body at a physiological level and keeping stressors and nervous system complaints at a minimum. The increased balance and health from proper posture, spinal alignment, and stomach position ensures better circulation and cardiac function to prevent body fluid stagnation. Capsicum may be recommended for circulatory support to get the blood moving.

Strong, energetic cells are better able to beat toxin buildup and achieve proper nutrient flow and assimilation. Energy production at healthy levels may help prevent the rise of cancer-causing cellular and organ conditions.

Protease Plus is a digestive enzyme-based plant formulation that may assist in supporting healthy digestion and discourage attacks on the immune system through macrophage stimulation.

Oregon Grape is a longstanding native plant formulation with potential immune-supporting properties. Maintain alkaline dietary conditions, as discussed in our previous cancer prevention article.

Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton contains uniquely bioavailable, nearly complete sets of human nutrients that may be of interest to those seeking better cellular health.

Eight may be useful for pain relief that may prove helpful in reducing inflammation and assisting you in reaching the exercise goals you need for better organ health and cancer-preventing physical workout and detoxification regimes.

Evening Primrose Oil may assist in the production of prostaglandins, which may have potential benefits for hormone regulation and cellular health, especially for women.

Chlorophyll contains essential dietary nutrients in a concentrated form that may assist in cell function. Dr. Michael Lam has published information that examines studies on the potential use of Artemisinin, sometimes known as Wormwood, which may have potential anti-cancer properties.

Potentially addressing challenges relating to digestion, organ health, and detoxification, E-Tea is a traditional Ojibwa recipe that was discovered by American nurse Rene Casse. 

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This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health. 

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