Cancer and the Human Environment


May is Cancer Month. Island Healthworks will be addressing cancer prevention through cellular health education all month. 

  • This environmental health article addresses the connection between cancer, cellular health, and ecology!
  • Our next two cancer and cellular health articles will explore physiology and diet.

Our goal at Island Healthworks is to leave public readers armed with a privileged degree of integrated knowledge in this highly important area of human health and wellness.

Cancer, in its many forms, is a notorious and growing threat to human health, wellness, and longevity. Cancer is a disease at the cellular level with important biochemical and immune system components.

Growing levels of toxic exposures from environmental, dietary, and chronic psychological stress factors constitute a threat to our health. Insufficient clean air, nutrients, and regenerating time in nature are challenges facing those in urban or industrial environments.

Little known to many is the unnerving fact that your body actually produces cancer cells on a daily basis. At a certain level, this is normal. However, an increase in stressors may lead to increased cancer cell production and reduced immune system resilience.

Your body is also constantly being bombarded by environmental stressors. These environmental stressors come in many forms, both natural and man-made. Environmental and physiological stressors have always been present in human societies, but man-made stressors challenge us in new ways. Increased levels of pesticide exposure may have significant effects on human health, while indoor air pollution puts increased pressure on the detox system. Biomagnification and bioaccumulation pose growing threats to a range of species, including humans, as toxins accumulate through the food web. As a result, eating lower on the "food chain" is one way to reduce toxic exposure.

Dis-ease literally spelled out points to imbalances in body systems and the environment in which we live. Applied neurology and endocrinology studies in both humans and a range of animal species confirm that environmental stressors trigger nervous system responses that lead to increased production of stress hormones. Those hoping to resist cancer should not just pay attention to external toxins, but consider how the environment and psychological stress result in toxicity from within. Humans are hardwired to respond positively to time in a forest or wetland, experiencing views of wild birds, animals, and relaxing sounds.

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight or tanning may be harmful to your skin, while insufficient sunlight may weaken your immune system. Naturally, blonde, red-haired or other, especially fair-skinned individuals, should take extra precautions due to increased rates of skin cancer often seen in these human phenotypes. Genetic predispositions are not just limited to coloration or appearance. Certain individuals may be more prone to cancers, due to impairment of chemical detox pathways, for example. If your detoxification ability is less than average, you will likely be affected by toxins to a greater degree than the next person. Cancer could be one result. As a result, you may need to compensate by increasing levels of detox aiding nutrients and antioxidants while reducing toxicity and burdens through avoidance.

MP3 Marine Phytoplankton featured in one of our previous articles is a promising source of cellular nourishment with increased bioavailability and a wealth of compounds that support healthy tissues. Chlorophyll is the subject of increasing interest for its ability to potentially assist in the prevention of cancerous conditions and provide targeted detoxification and cell nutrition, according to research at the Linus Pauling Institute of Technology.

The preliminary research suggests that Chlorophyll might even be able to block specific carcinogenic chemical effects through molecular bonding. E-Tea contains a rich mix of nourishing herbs that may provide cleansing and cellular rebuilding effects. You may wish to use MC, which includes a blend of herbs designed to support the five primary detoxifying organs. These are the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal skin, and yes, the lungs. A buildup of environmental pollutants can contribute to cancer, slowing the natural elimination and cleansing processes if not kept in check.

Supplying what your body needs to stay healthy, avoiding undue stress, and assisting detoxification and repair processes forms a solid health plan to support both your efforts to discourage cancer and many other health conditions. Island Healthworks always recommends the use of Quality Controlled Herbs and Supplements. Stay tuned for part two in the Island Healthworks Cancer Series, where we will discuss some must-know facts about cancer, biochemistry, and physiology!

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This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health. 

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