Back to School, ACHOO!


Back to school time can be stressful and challenging. Your thinking about what your child will need, books and supplies? What they will use with electronics, computer, tablet or phone? What will they wear, I'm guessing the latest hot fashions? :)

What will they eat?

The one thing you might be forgetting, "What if my child gets sick"? With the possibility of other children coming in contact that might have a virus, a cold or the flu, infecting your child is very real. Not only pathogens floating around, the weather changes and patterns can effect your child. What can you do?

Put a shield of armour around your child by sending them off to school with some healthy tools.

HRP-C liquid to fight off flues and viruses.

Silver Shield Gel for cuts, scars and infections.

Sunshine Heroes Vitamin C with Elderberry for general health.

Ultimate Echinacea to build up their immunity.

Organic food choices like fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Hot organic vegetable soups etc.

And, you could book an appointment and bring your child in for an assessment and we'll check for weaknesses in the system and advise the best course of action.

Give them a fighting chance by being proactive. 

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Friday, 25 June 2021