Should I Take Probiotics with Antibiotics?


QUESTION: Do antibiotics kill the probiotic supplements we take? Should I discontinue my probiotics until after I have completed my round of antibiotics?

ANSWER: This is an excellent question! It is recommended that you take the probiotic at least 4 hours after the antibiotic. Do this twice a day taking 2 capsules each time so it will continue to support a healthy balanced gut. If you take the probiotic at the same time you can destroy the effect you're trying to accomplish. Then after you finish the round of antibiotics you should double up on probiotics for 1 month to rebuild your good gut biome. Then go back to taking your normal dose of probiotics as per bottle directions.

We recommend taking Bacillus Coagulans as it is a strain of friendly probiotic that is naturally heat-stable, so no refrigeration required. It can also more readily withstand the stomach's acidic environment, thereby providing better-targeted support to the intestine and maintaining balance in the microbiome. 

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Friday, 25 June 2021