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As a practitioner I see very sick people in my clinic. I have extensive knowledge in herbal medicines and know what to do and advise as the best course of action. My biggest challenge is to be sure that when I offer a solution to the patient that it will work and that they will get better. I have to rely on a company product line that makes that happen. I can't afford to be guessing that this or that will work. The herbal remedy I offer must work and work quickly. There are two problems I faced.

One, since herbs are grown in the fields and not created in a lab, not all farming practices are equal. How do I find a farmer who doesn't spray or chemically fertilize? Nature Sunshine has taken the guesswork out and allowed me to practice with confidence, I call their products Practitioner Grade. They have been serving practitioners for almost 50 years and a herb I recommended 20 years ago helped my patient get better is the same quality and has the same efficacy today. They are my go-to herbal remedies and that's why I recommend them so highly.

Two, all the herbal remedies I recommend must have Health Canada approvals with "NPN" "Natural Health Product" numbers. This implies that the product has been tested in clinical trials, double blind studies, etc. and, the findings brought before the board at Health Canada or FDA in the US for approval. All of Nature Sunshine products have this approval both in Canada and the US. 

~Yvonne Dollard Perc

Nature's Sunshine. Serving Practioners for nearly 50 years.

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Friday, 03 December 2021