Acutherapy simultaneously produces mechanical, thermal and electrical stimuli which work together to create a chain of electro-chemical reactions. This sets off a chain of electro-chemical reactions that stimulates the production of neuro-transmitters which send messages to the brain to organize the proper peptides to return the body to its homeostatic state. 

Most of the energies of the body are produced by the piezo-electric effect. When cells of any type are stressed, they give off their electrical potential and they can either be a positive or negative polarity of different frequencies.

Acutherapy applies piezo-electric energies of a broad spectrum of frequencies to neutralize, or normalize, affected electrical fields, releasing muscular tension and pain. Acutherapy balances the body's energy pathways, clearing the way for messages to be transmitted and received faster. 

The Lymphatic System and Acutherapy
The continual movement of the lymphatic fluids through the body plays an important role in the health and well-being of the body. It is absolutely vital that the lymphatic system be kept as clear as possible. The build-up of static electricity on the walls of the lymph vessels restricts the normal flow of the lymphatic fluids, thus creating a disruption of all the systems of the body. Acutherapy applied at strategic points throughout this system neutralizes static electricity thus improving the flow to help aid in the removal of waste, acids and toxins in the body.