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Summer Conditions Affect Your Body. Handle Hot Weather Right to Maintain Health!

Vancouver Island natural health care provider Island Healthworks shares nutrition, lifestyle and wellness tips for summer

Nutritional support and ample hydration equips your body to handle summer heat. With Island Healthworks, Vancouver Island, BC

Health does not just depend on internal functioning and food intake. Our interaction with the changing environment in which we live profoundly affects our wellbeing. As Vancouver Island, BC based natural health care providers we frequently run into interesting and concerning ways the environment influences our health.

Throughout the seasons, our bodies must adapt to changing conditions that test our response to different types of stresses. There are two fundamental elements of natural health care and healthy living that we must consider in relation to our surrounding environment.

First, we must know which conditions are beneficial and which are likely to unduly stress us. Hot weather is especially challenging.

Second, we must take advantage of the most up to date knowledge on how to support our bodies with the right nutrition, proper exercise and lifestyle adjustments able to better prepare us for each challenge!

By maintaining our health and keeping ourselves in peak condition, we are more resilient when faced with environmental stress such as hot weather! By avoiding unnecessary stress from excess exposure to direct sunlight in hot weather or pollution, we increase our capacity for health and longevity. As summer heat increases our susceptibility to sunburn, whether in the mild Vancouver Island climate where we are located or elsewhere worldwide, our need for increased water intake to keep us hydrated, cool and able to gain nutritional delivery to each cell becomes especially important.

Changes in barometric pressure can affect energy levels and the function of multiple body systems, while levels of sunlight have been found to affect moods and our stress levels. Many people fail to find a balance between enough fresh air and time outside and the need to be protected from excessive heat and light.

Our previous articles said different skin types and eye colors have distinct vulnerabilities to sunlight effects in hot weather. Vitamin D synthesis is important for many aspects of our health. Indeed, some have theorized that paler human coloration is an adaptation to allow better Vitamin D synthesis in northerly climates. These include those with red hair or blond hair and corresponding pale skin, and those individuals with dark hair with pale skin.

However, there is a flip side to this adaptation. In more southern environments during hot weather, those with paler coloration may be at increased risk of skin damage, skin cancer and even eye damage due to the increased sensitivity of such skin and eyes to sunlight. As temperatures increase, our body sweats more, losing nutrients and the water by which nutrients are transported throughout the cells. Stay hydrated! We cannot stress how important maintaining something as simple as water intake can be for your health. Your body needs more support in the form of water and mineral nourishment to withstand hot weather. Heatstroke is a real concern, plus heat related inflammation. Avoid excessive exercise in hot weather, maintain proper hydration and nutrition, and be ready to  seek medical attention if adverse effects from hot weather become cause for concern.

At Island Healthworks, Yvonne Dollard Perc recommends a multi-strand approach to equipping your body to withstand the challenges of hot weather.  The fuel upon which your body runs has a significant bearing on how your organ systems, skin and nervous system and the rest of your strong but sensitive body can handle hot weather. Better nutrition increases the health of each cell, and the strength of all your body systems as you benefit from increased energy and reduced stress. Our approach to natural health care focuses on considering all aspects of health at our Vancouver Island based clinic.

The best and most up to date nutritional formulations to transform health and wellness are always a focus at Island Healthworks. Now, an exclusive set of formulations available through Island Healthworks discusses the ways ketone supplementation can transform the fuel sourcing and metabolic patterns of the human body. By running on ketones produced by healthy fats, carb addiction and related inflammation and obesity can be sidestepped! Yvonne offers access to these formulations in concert with her professional guidance on how to make the right lifestyle and nutrition choices, specific to your needs.

Ketone supplementation has the potential to transform the way your body operates and processes energy in a range of conditions. With Ketone supplementation, you may be better able to withstand challenging environmental conditions, avoid undue wear and tear on the body and come out ahead through proper nutrition.

Contact Yvonne to inquire or arrange a consultation. Enjoy the competitive advantage by accommodating and nurturing rather than challenging your natural adaptations and physical needs.


Yvonne Dollard Perc offers phone consultations and in-clinic consultations where she will develop an individualized health care program and lifestyle plan tailored to your specific needs through a personal health and lifestyle analysis.

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This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health.

Article by Christopher M. Stephens, MSc. Environment, Communications Manager for Island Healthworks, with Yvonne Dollard Perc, MH, ID, SC, KN, NC, AC of Island Healthworks.

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