Nutrition & Detox Supports Balanced Biochemistry

Biochemistry Determines Cellular Health. Learn more about Nutrition & Detox with Island Healthworks!

Island Healthworks features biochemical roots of health at cellular, tissue & organ levels. Learn the basics of nutrition & detoxification.
Proper organ function starts at the cellular level. Macronutrients & micronutrients from a healthy diet must be available to each cell.

What does biochemistry mean for wellness?

Biochemistry is a big part of integrative health care! Our bodies are made up of water, minerals and many organic compounds that form our cells, tisues and organs while controlling the function of our body systems. Keeping our body’s chemistry in balance by limiting exposure to toxins and ensuring nutrient availability and absorption is essential. This is also achievable to a greater degree than we might expect.

The biochemistry of the human body is based upon the activity of countless chemicals including amino acids, proteins, catalyzing agents such as enzymes, sugars, ketones, major nutrient minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Core biochemical processes in the human body affect all of our organ systems and body fluids, affecting everything from skin health, energy levels and blood sugar levels to cardiovascular health and brain function. An imbalance in any nutrient level or a toxic exposure can cause a chain reaction that affects multiple body systems.

Integrative health care looks closely at biochemical imbalances, interruptions in metabolic processes, deficiencies, and toxicity in the human body in the interests of improving our health. Understanding several essential factors at even a layman’s level offers us a significant advantage in making proactive health care choices. Island Healthworks now features 6 key principles of environmental and dietary health and wellness in light of nutrition, detox and biochemical function.

1: Nutritional Support

A nutrient rich diet provides the fuel the human body needs to run properly. Ample organic greens offer high mineral and antioxidant levels that support essential biochemical processes affecting everything from joint health to cardiovascular function. Organic  fruits, nuts and seeds are also recommended.  Healthy fats supports brain function, while the right kinds of protein support tissue formation as well as nervous system health. Diabetes, obesity, heart problems, stress, mental health challenges, low energy, low libido, circulatory problems and anxiety are among the countless conditions that can be set off by improper biochemistry. Sufficient nutritional minerals, amino acids and enzymes are all essential for health and wellness.

2: Bioavailability, Micro and Macro Nutrients

As soil depletion and inadequate dietary choices define our food intake, deficiencies in minerals that affect multiple body systems are more frequently observed. Supplementation can help to offset this problem. When considering supplementation, bioavailability, or ease of cellular absorption is vital. Cutting edge formulations with highly bioavailable nutrients are revolutionizing integrative health care through their use of micronutrients and macronutrients specially intended for maximum uptake and effect at a cellular level. Please contact Yvonne for more information on this subject.

3: Digestion, Hydration & Absorption

A focus on digestive health to ensure absorption of nutrients is vital. At the same time as digestion itself is considered, water intake between meals must be taken into account as an essential component of nutrition. Without this universal solvent and distributor of nutrients, cells become dehydrated and unable to utilize nutrients, while body fluids are reduced in their capacity for nutrient delivery. Osmosis and cellular respiration depends on the availability of water and essential minerals such as sodium and potassium for the flow of nutrients in and out of each cell. Reduction of dehydration at a cellular level visibly contributes to tissue and organ strength.

4: Toxins and Body Burdens

The saying “you are what you eat” refers to nutrition and the content of your food, but the concept can be taken one step further to include what happens when you ingest materials that create toxic body burdens. Our increasingly processed diet can contain various chemicals and additives that could potentially upset our biochemical balance. Toxic contamination resulting from less than adequate quality control or pesticide misuse and GMOS forms a growing concern. Faced with such threats, we have to support our detoxification system with proper nutrition while limiting dietary and direct exposure to toxins to the extent possible. In many cases, bioaccumulation occurs when we cannot remove toxins from our bodies as exposure outstrips our natural ability to purge toxins from our body. When toxins accumulate, inflammation occurs as they stress the body. The acid/alkaline balance of our body is essential for proper health as a key biochemical factor in our wellness.

5: Stress Chemicals & Emotional Health

Biochemistry and our resulting health and wellness are also greatly affected by our own emotions and reactions. Biochemical processes are significantly affected by the way our body is programmed to release chemicals to respond to stress, or to handle immune challenges. In our society, biochemical imbalances like cortisol overload can result when our stress response system is triggered, like an alarm being constantly pressed. Access to nature, ample sleep and good nutrition can help to reduce the presence and effect of stress in our lives.

6: Genetics, Biochemical Predispositions & Nutrition

Many biochemical challenges arise due to genetic tendencies towards organ weaknesses or nutrient absorption pathways. The right supplementation or extra care to avoid toxins can limit the expression of such weaknesses.  Toxins not only damage tissues – certain toxins actually displace nutrients. Limiting toxic burdens is a path toward health for any organism, humans being no exception. The human body has the ability to detoxify but our limits are frequently exceeded in a modern environment, partially due to environmental pollution and dietary shortcomings. The right nutrition may improve our ability to detoxify.

 In Conclusion…

Genetic factors influence the effects of nutrition and toxicity on cells, tissues and organs. Learn more with Island Healthworks

Expression of Genetic predispositions may be influenced by nutrition and environmental toxins. Biochemistry defines all aspects of wellness.

Going forward, remaining aware of our genetic weaknesses and predispositions towards biochemical challenges allows us to prepare to better address specific health challenges through integrative health care and lifestyle approaches. No matter how we are predisposed, the strength of each cell can be traced to what we put in our body every day as genetic potential for fitness is maximized through attention to biochemistry and cellular function.

Supplementation with Quality Controlled Products, making the right dietary choices and remembering how many chemical reactions have to stay in balance supports health and wellness. In every case, consulting an integrative health care professional allows the best approach to be found efficiently without loss of opportunities.


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This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health.

Article by Christopher M. Stephens, MSc. Environment, Communications Manager for Island Healthworks, with Yvonne Dollard Perc, MH, ID, SC, KN, NC, AC of Island Healthworks.  


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