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                          Reduce Toxicity Through Lifestyle and Herbal Approaches

     The environment humans exist within has always impacted our health, positively and negatively. Now, society faces fewer threats from contagious illnesses, poisonous plants or exposure, but more insidious chronic threats in the form of environmental pollution have permeated many aspects of our lives. Such environmental burdens stress the detoxification system to the limits, especially in the chemically sensitive.Pesticides are present in foods, while every piece of packaging material or breath of industrial air places a cumulative burden on our detoxification system.

There are a number of steps we can take to minimize toxic exposures, especially for those with chemical sensitivities. These include choosing organic food where possible, avoiding rapidly outgassing plastic products and using organic shampoo free of toxic chemicals, including potentially nerve impairing DEA.

While reducing exposure to toxins is a great first step to improved detoxification, contamination of the global ecosystem is such that safe levels of exposure will never be achieved for many substances. Chronic toxin exposure and pollution creates a body burden that you do not need to carry. Toxin avoidance combined with the right herbal supplements can helps improve detoxification capacity

To better promote good health, building up the body’s detox strength with natural herbal supplments can help the body eliminate toxins and resist increased toxicity levels. Enviro Detox, a natural, Quality Controlled herbal supplement that features Burdock, Dandelion, Sasparilla & Ginger is available from Island Healthworks. This mix promotes the elimination of toxins by strengthening eliminatory organs such as the liver.

Depending on your specific situation, the Quality Controlled Herbal Formulation All Cell Detox from Island Healthworks may be recommended. All Cell Detox contains a rich mix of herbs including Cascara, Black Walnut and Oregon Grape to boost nutrient absorption. At the same time, this product helps allows the body’s digestive and filtration systems to more rapidly eliminate toxic waste. Consider reducing your exposure to toxins, and please feel free to contact Island Healthworks to discuss which detox product might work well for you

About the Author:

Christopher Stephens is a consultant and writer providing premium content for Island Healthworks. Stephens is an MSc Candidate in Environmental Studies at Royal Roads University. He enjoys wildlife & natural history in his spare time.


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