Inside Your Structural System

Can you visualize a human body without a structural system? Like the jellyfish, your body without a supporting structure would be a mass of jelly-like shapeless form. But, with the skeletal system, your body holds together to form an erectile moving form.

What is the Structural System?

The structural system consists of a body framework of bones with joints and cartilages that make up the skeleton. The system also contains skeletal muscles, connective tissues (ligaments and tendons), and synovial bursa to initiate body motions.

The structural system, therefore, is composed of skeletal and muscular structures. Both of these structures complement one another to cause body movements. They also maintain body position, whether sitting, standing, or sleeping.

The Skeletal Structure

In childhood, the skeletal structure consists of 270 bones. Later in life, some of the bones fuse, and the number of bones reduces to about 206. On the other hand, the number of muscles is above 600, which taking the best part of your body space and weight.

The main features of the skeletal structure are the bones and cartilages.

The Bones

Every bone in the body is divided into two sections, the dense or compact part, which is the outer part of the bone, and the spongy-like part inside the bone.

The location and the shape of the bones determine the density of both the outer and inner parts of the bones. The nearer the surface, the thicker and sturdy the bone can be.

Since the compact bones are dense, the spongy bones balance the skeleton weight by their lightness.

Unlike other parts of the body, the bones continue forming for the best part of your lifetime, with the formation rate reducing after puberty. The bone formation and resorption 12F12F[i] go hand in hand to balance the capacity of your skeleton for a specified period.

After 25 years, the rate of resorption further increases against the rate of formation leading to the loss of bone density.

The bones in the skeletal structure are grouped into two main sections, the axial and the appendicular skeleton.

The Axial Skeleton

The axial skeleton is a collection of bones of the head and the vertebrate trunk.

Bones of the head - The bones of the head are the skull, middle ear ossicles, and the hyoid bone. The skull protects your brain and other tissues inside your head while shaping your head and facial structure.

The vertebrate trunk - It contains the breastbone (sternum), the rib cage (rib bones), and the vertebral column. The vertebrate trunk also protects the inner body organs from injuries.

The axial skeleton contains a total of 80 bones of crania, facial, ossicles, hyoid, thorax, and the vertebrae (sacrum and coccyx).

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The Structural System

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