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Blood Pressure, Blood Condition & Heart Health are Related

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Blood Pressure is influenced by Many Health & Lifestyle Factors

Blood pressure issues are increasingly well known conditions that affect a significant percentage of adults in North America. Unlike some conditions, it is hard to point to a single cause of high blood pressure, which is known as hypertension, or the rarer condition of hypotension, which involves excessively low blood pressure.

Blood is a fluid that delivers nutrients to different parts of the body, and also carries waste products away so they can be efficiently eliminated. The behavior of the blood in the circulatory system is akin to the behavior of water in a pipe. Without proper water intake and nutrients, blood flow patterns and blood pressure may be affected over time.

Proper flow and movement of the blood throughout the body depends on the condition of the blood and its components, and the condition of the pipes or blood vessels, which include arteries, veins and capillaries.  High blood pressure places many stresses upon the body.  The effects of high blood pressure include increased strain on the heart and circulatory system, while efficient transportation of nutrients and removal of waste may become impaired if blood pressure falls far out of the normal ranges.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke and a leading cause of heart disease. High blood pressure simply overworks your circulatory system and creates unsustainable levels of stress on the body. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce high blood pressure. Such a proactive strategy is superior to facing the effects of high blood pressure without attention to contributing causes. You may gain a degree of control over blood pressure challenges, given the right approach.

Narrowing of the arteries through sudden onsets of stress may increase blood pressure, while accumulation of waste buildup in the arteries may gradually restrict blood flow and potentially increase blood pressure overtime.  Excessive body fat, alcohol, refined product or salt intake, smoking, a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle or genetic predispositions may all influence your blood pressure in a harmful manner. Insufficient exercise and poor posture may also begin to affect how blood circulates through the body, potentially affecting blood pressure readings and your health over time.

Just as a previous article on nervous system health discussed the effects of posture and organ, proper body and organ alignment may play a role in blood pressure management. If muscle tension or injuries cause the abdomen to become shifted upwards, or ribs, muscles and spinal alignment are thrown off, blood pressure may be influenced. The effects may be restricted to part of the body or be felt more widely.  Bodywork may play a role in contributing to proper circulation and potentially, better blood pressure.

In addition to proper exercise, close medical  supervision, proper water intake and healthy eating, stress reduction techniques may play an important role in hypertension reduction. Try to increase your access to nature. Insufficient exposure to natural settings may be at work in a variety of health conditions and increased stress chemical levels. A variety of natural herbal supplements may also be recommended in cases where blood pressure and cardiovascular concerns are present.

Blood Pressurex contains a mix of herbs including hawthorn, goldenrod and olive leaf, aimed towards maintaining proper blood viscosity while supporting healthy arteries. Arginine Plus uses the amino acid Arginine as a source of nitric oxide upon conversion in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and reduces stress on the heart by improving blood circulation to the vital organs. A Gingko/Hawthorn combination may relax capillaries and improve blood flow while strengthening and regulating heart function.  Passion Flower, previously profiled as a relaxant may lower blood pressure through its tension reducing properties. Finally, Coenzyme Q10 supports cardiovascular health and may reduce oxidative stress while enhancing energy and strength. Island Healthworks always recommends the use of Quality Controlled Herbs and Supplements.

By taking control of your lifestyle and related factors, you can influence blood pressure. Always be sure to visit a qualified medical professional for testing, appropriate health care recommendations and treatment in any case of blood pressure concern.

This article is intended for educational purposes and the information contained within is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health problem. Please seek appropriate medical attention for any health complaints. We cannot take responsibility for your health care decisions. Our intent is only to offer health information to help you with your search for better health.

Article by Christopher M. Stephens – Content Writer & Communications Manager for Island Healthworks, With Yvonne Dollard Perc of Island Healthworks.

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